Strategy Apple is pushing app developers to monetize through a regular subscription, is beginning to yield results. According to the report, Sensor Tower, which is quoted by TechCrunch, in the past year, revenue per active iPhone in the US increased by 36% from $ 58 in 2017 and 79 in 2018.

Most of the growth has provided mobile games in which the developers can easier to push users to buy built-in add-ons. The average iPhone owner spent thus in 2018, $ 44 (+22% by 2017). At the same time, growing and the category where the main source of income of the creators of the apps are not in app purchases, and subscriptions.

The most notable increases profitability demonstrated applications in the categories of “Entertainment” (+82%, to $8 per user), Lifestyle (+86% to $3.9) and “Health and fitness” (+75% to $2.7). Two additional categories included in the top five in addition to “Games”, “Entertainment” and “Lifestyle” is “Music” (+22% to $5) and “the Social network” (+22% to us $4.4).

The data confirm the correctness rate of the Apple to promote the services in the first place — App Store, amid slowing iPhone sales. In addition to the app store, the company earns a similar way to iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Pay. At the same time, companies should focus on protecting users from unscrupulous developers: last time, the App Store are increasingly finding application, to try to trick people to pay an expensive subscription.

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