To pay a lot.

American company DriveSavers has announced the launch of a new service crack the password of any iPhone. Experts DriveSavers claim that they can crack the password of any complexity for iPhone using proprietary technology, the details of which do not apply. The cost of cracking the password on the iPhone is impressive — $3900, which on the current exchange rate is 261 thousand.

At DriveSavers claim that the company uses brand new technology to the iPhone. Development DriveSavers not only allows you to choose a password for iPhone and recover all stored on the smartphone data. This means that the password occurs without a complete reset of the information on the device.

DriveSaver representatives emphasize that the company has started to provide two different services. The first involves hacking the password and transferring the already unlocked iPhone owner. Second — back up all data from the device for transmission to the client. The second service is estimated to be two times cheaper — $1950 or 130 thousand rubles.

According to DriveSaver before make the order, the company carefully checks the customer and requests the documents confirming the identity of the owner. In the first few days DriveSaver received a lot of orders — most of which users are asked to unlock the iPhone of a deceased person. In such cases, the company requires the presentation of a death certificate.

What type of technology uses DriveSavers is unknown. Employees say that details about the method used cannot be disclosed.

Source: DriveSavers.


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