Users waiting for the bomb!

In June of 2019 Apple will unveil a new operating system 13 iOS and macOS 10.15 that are now long-awaited among the users. Until a new firmware for iPhone, iPad and Mac not much is known, but the developers are beginning to find direct allusion to Apple’s planned innovations. Today, the famous developer Steve Troughton-Smith had figured out one of the new main features of iOS and macOS 10.15 13.

The developer analyzed the latest innovations in the Apple frameworks, AppKit and UIKit, and came to the conclusion that iOS and macOS 10.15 13 will be new types of applications. Apple will give developers the ability to create universal apps that will be supported on both iPhone and iPad, and the Mac.

Another well-known in the circles of Apple developed by Guilherme Rambo fully supported the prediction of a colleague. He drew attention to the fact that recently Apple allows with maximum ease to port apps for iPhone and iPad, even without a formal Toolkit SDK development. And especially easy porting is done via Xcode is the main tool all Apple developers.

It is impossible not to remember that last year the proven sources Bloomberg, Apple announced the creation of a secret project Apple Marzipan. Then according to the released information, the project Marzipan Apple as time is developing a system that would allow developers to create universal apps for iOS and macOS. Now this leak started to get real evidence.

What will be the benefit from similar applications for the average user? First, many universal apps will be enough to buy once and use on all your Apple devices. And secondly, with the launch of project Marzipan in the App Store and Mac App Store should see a lot of completely new applications previously inaccessible for iOS or macOS.

Presentation 13 iOS and macOS 10.15 will be held in the first half of June, 2019 at the conference WWDC 2019.

Source: Twitter.


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