Because of the riot developers, Apple risks losing $16 mlnne days among investors actively discussed the efforts of one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store, Netflix, you to bypass advertising in iTunes. According to analysts, this is only the beginning, and Apple is expecting a big financial loss.

The developers abandoned the payment of Commission in favor of App store, Apple threatens at least $16 billion in losses.

The fact that the developers can force Apple to reduce the size of your Commission payment for sales of applications. Instead of 30% from the sales rate may be reduced to 15%.

Today, many developers of games and applications believe that exposed Apple and Google commissions from sales are too high. So Epic Games has refused to app store Google Play and the release of Fortnite on Android now extends to bypass the Google store.

By 2020, Apple is planning to increase the amount of income from the App Store at $20 billion Change Commission to 5% for Apple today means a change in profit on $3.7 billion


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