The range of winter outdoor activities is quite wide, but sometimes you just want to collapse the entire output of the house, almost getting out from under the blankets. To watch new movies, read favorite books, play with kids, listen to nice music… Thanks to its innovative design by Italian company Hi-Interiors, this can all be done literally in bed.

To experience the benefits of passive recreation will allow smart HiCan bed. The authors of this unusual design — designers John and Gianni Tallarico — created furniture that literally interacts with the user, performing any of its whims if by remote control.

Automated blinds close and turn, so the bed in the insulated area for sleeping and multimedia entertainment. The lower part of the bed and the headboard is adjustable in height, being located at desired angle for maximum comfort of the guest. Led system allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting inside the bed and choose the color of the illumination mode. In HiCan also has a built in speaker system with surround sound, HD projector and screen with a diagonal of 70 inches, an integrated Apple TV for watching your favorite TV show, a game console (Xbox or PlayStation buyer’s choice), and, of course, Wi-Fi connectivity.

Built-in touch control unit features beds and offers the opportunity of expanding and integrating with the system “smart house”. Thus, while in HiCan, you can control all appliances without getting up from bed: to start the washing machine, adjust heating, turn on the robot cleaner, etc.

Management application integrated into the bed HiCan functionality can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, turning thus the gadget in the remote control. In addition, the bed has a tracker that remembers your favorite position during sleep, helps to cope with snoring and alarm clock in the appropriate Wake-up phase.

High-tech bed dimensions 228×280 cm, and the height of the canopy — 208 see the bed base frame from heavy-duty composite material Adamantx, and its finish can be made of wood, leather or textiles.

Fans not resting on our laurels and in the future promise to equip the bed HiCan voice-controlled system of sensors that monitor vital signs, and sleep quality users.

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