Unpleasant change.

Mobile operator “Beeline” announced the coming change of fees for the popular service “the contact”. This service allows you to receive text message alerts about calls you missed when your phone was off or out of network coverage. From September 25 to 2018 “Beeline” start charging for the service “contact” at 1.5 rubles per day.

First service “the contact” is provided free to all subscribers. 25 September “Beeline” introduced a fee for it at a number of rates (full list). A month of using the service will cost subscribers in 45 roubles.

The service of “contact” will remain free on many tariffs. The changes will not affect subscribers of tariff lines “Samoa”, “in”, “All in one”, “Zero doubt” and “Talk”. Also “Beeline” will not take money for the service “contact” on all plans for tablets and modems.

How to disable useful, but has become a paid service “contact”? Unfortunately, to do it the normal way impossible. Stop paying for the service can only be going to one of the tariffs, which do not include a separate fee. So Beeline is trying to encourage subscribers to switch to new tariff plans.

Source: “Beeline”.


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