Subscribers shocked.

The Network appears more and more responses from dissatisfied subscribers of “Beeline” about the fact that the operator has connected them with the paid option since the beginning of January 2019. Most of the complaints come from subscribers of the tariff plan “Samoa!”. New premium service called “Abon. fee for “Unlimited “Samoa!”” was connected to the subscribers regardless of the region.

Since the beginning of 2019 many subscribers of the tariff “Samoa!” mobile operator “Beeline” and certain other tariff plans saw the emergence of new paid services. Option joined and without prior notice, because of which the subscribers were unable to track her down on time.

In the case of tariffs “Samoa!” plug-paid option is called “Abon. fee for “Unlimited “Samoa!””. It “Beeline” withdraws from 1.66 ruble per day. The fee may be more — all depends on the region in which the user is located. Cancellation of services occurs simultaneously with the debiting of a subscription fee at the rate of “Samoa”.

In 2018, the subscribers of “Beeline” of the service was not. All the disgruntled callers say that the service appeared only in the beginning of 2019. Detail also confirms that the write-off for the service only began with the first days of January 2019.

Check for new paid services, which can be connected with 2019 and, if necessary, disable their subscribers “Beeline” in a private office.


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