To all subscribers of the tariff “Unlim”.

Mobile operator “Beeline” launched the campaign, on which all the subscribers of the tariff plan “Unlim” became available for distribution to the Internet. Earlier in tariff “Unlim”, which includes fully unlimited Internet, such was not an option. However, the terms of the “Beeline” are quite strange.

“Beeline” has announced that the ability to share an Internet connection on the tariff “Unlim” will be available to subscribers from November 15, 2018 to 28 February 2019. Thus, the action is temporary — ability distribution unlimited Internet will be available to subscribers of forever.

However, a major limitation of the new shares of “Beeline” is different. The operator is free to distribute unlimited Internet for only one hour each day. After 60 minutes turn off and for its activation you will have to pay.

Despite the very odd conditions of the promotion, subscribers of the tariff plan “Unlim” new feature will be useful. At least because first be deducted at the rate of free was impossible. In the “Beeline” also noted that to share the Internet at the rate of “Unlim” will be possible with any device, including laptops and tablets.

Source: Beeline.


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