The unexpected decision.

Mobile operator “Beeline” has suddenly ceased to offer complimentary Unlimited Internet for its subscribers. Launched in mid-August, the service allowed subscribers “Beeline” free upgrade to completely unlimited Internet, but for this it was necessary to reach the operator’s office. Now this service is no longer available. Moreover, subscribers who are still hooked free unlimited service also stopped working.

“Beeline” has launched a free mobile Internet in response to a new tariff plan MTS “Maritime“. The decision proved successful, as “Beeline” offered to switch to unlimited for free with only one condition — the service connection was only possible in user’s departments of the operator.

Just a few days after the submission of a new service “Beeline” has launched a new tariff “Unlim”, the main feature of which is unlimited Internet. In addition to the unlimited tariff offers 500 minutes of calls to numbers of any operator. Fee for the tariff plan is up to 20 rubles per day.

As it turned out now, “Unlim” was launched as a replacement of the original free Internet. The service “Unlimited Internet” was missing from the list. To connect with the customer care departments of the operator is no longer possible.

In addition, the service stopped working and those subscribers who hooked it up. Thus, “Beeline” no longer offering free, unlimited Internet at high speed.


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