Many subscribers are waiting for the best personal offer.

Each subscriber of “Beeline” can count on a personal proposal from the operator, which work for less. “Beeline” offers its subscribers a variety of temporary discounts, free packages or transfer to a more favorable tariff plan. In this article talked about how to find out if the “Beeline” personal best offer for you.

All the mobile operators are closely monitoring the activity of its subscribers, forming the basis of the analyzed data with personalized offers. However, the operators are very rarely available to alert your personal suggestions of the users. That is why many subscribers have not even guessed that may be charged for the communication or less to use a large number of features at the old price.

“Beeline” is no exception. The operator creates personalized offers for subscribers, often allowing you to pay for a connection less. Of course, personal best offers may not be available for all subscribers. Special offers get the checked subscribers “Beeline”, using the services of operators for a relatively long period of time.

To check if the “Beeline” personal suggestions for you is very simple. To do this you must dial the short number 444 and listen to the answering machine which will announce all the available offers. If any offers available for activation, then they can be connected directly during a call.


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