To subscribers it is important to know!

Mobile operator “Beeline” announced the introduction of charges for re-transfer to the tariff. From November 1, 2018, with subscribers of “Beeline” will be charged 200 rubles for the transition rate in the case that since the previous tariff change was less than 30 days. If the rate is connected via 31 days or more, then the transition is performed, as now, for free.

The innovation of “Beeline” will affect customers who love to experiment with pricing plans, as well as those who regularly changes the rate according to their needs. The subscribers will have to ensure that the re tariff change occurred in 31 or more days after the previous one. Otherwise, Beeline will debit the subscribers ‘ impressive 200 rubles.

This change will take effect from 1 November 2018. This “Beeline” warned subscribers on its official website.

Previously, “Beeline” has launched a phenomenally generous actionthat will allow all subscribers get six months of free listening music streaming service YouTube Music Premium.

Source: Beeline.


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