MTS analyzed the consumer preferences of inhabitants of the Belgorod region. From year to year Belgorod increasingly interested in modern gadgets and their cost of new smartphones is only growing.

So, in 2018, Belgorod spent on new gadgets and a half times more than in the past. Thus the highest dynamics of sales have shown the device in the range of 30 to 40 thousand rubles, but the budget smartphones worth up to 10 thousand customers to choose become less, on average, their sales fell by a third in volume. Belgorod rarely make a choice in favor of cheap gadgets, as those are not designed for the consumption of modern digital content are slow because of the weak filling, do not allow for quality photos. With the expansion of the coverage network of high-speed mobile Internet LTE and the launch of the tariff with unlimited traffic — the availability of convenient and modern gadget has become not just a fashion but a necessity

The most popular last year the Belgorod steel Apple iPhone models SE Honor Honor 9 Lite and 10. The best-selling brand — Honor/Huawei, who sidestepped Samsung and Apple in the Retail network of MTS.

As the Director of the Belgorod branch of MTS Guzel Galeeva: “increasingly, users have to make a choice in favor of the frameless device specifications from the consumer point of view, not inferior to the flagship models of leading manufacturers. In 2017, these gadgets have been virtually inaccessible for users with low income, and now most of the residents can afford to buy them on the subscription program MTS or return the money immediately after the purchase its programs, providing for cashback. By the way, for more than 50% of the devices in sales offices were purchased with the help of this tool.”

Dynamics of growth of sales of smartphones in MTS Retail chain by the end of 2018 was above market. In 2018 MTS sold 5% more in volume and 39 percent by value than a year earlier. The average price of mobile devices rose 32 percent to 15,600 rubles.

Dynamics of sales of smartphones bought on credit in a Retail network of MTS in 2018, decreased three times compared with the 2017 year. This happens on the background of a General increase in sales of gadgets. Due to the trade-in program and cashback customers were more likely to make a choice in favor of buying for cash.

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