About the plans of Samsung to release bendable smartphone has long been known. According to DigiTimes, the advanced development of Chinese manufacturers make the South Korean giant to release a new product into the market early.

Earlier it was reported that the model is a bendy smartphone also known as Samsung Galaxy F, will be presented in 2019.

However, recently it became known that Huawei has signed a deal with a Chinese manufacturer of displays BOA to begin to produce bendable gadgets. Not far behind them and Xiaomi.

At a press conference after the presentation of the Galaxy Note 9 Samsung CEO Dong Jin Ko told reporters about the plans of the Corporation. He said that the company intends to become the first manufacturer in the world to bendable smartphones. According to estimates from DigiTimes, the novelty can be on the market in a few months, at the end of 2018.

The output of the fundamentally new device will help manufacturers of mobile electronics to boost sale gadgets. 2019 will be a watershed moment in the confrontation between the South Korean giant and the Chinese manufacturers in the fight for market leadership and innovation.

It is not excluded that bendable smartphones will be presented to the public for a few weeks or months before the start of official sales.

Experts DigiTimes believe that the release of the Samsung Galaxy F can be timed to CES, to be held in Las Vegas from 8 to 12 January 2019. However, it may be too late for technological concern, because it can get ahead of competitors.


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