More is not better.

Manufacturers of Android smartphones have arranged among themselves a real arms race. They equip their new smartphones exorbitant amount of memory, which can not boast of even the most computers and laptops. But despite this, the best Android smartphone is still inferior to the flagship iPhone at a realistic speed.

OnePlus vs iPhone 6T XS Max

Smartphone OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is equipped with an insane amount of RAM — it had a whopping 10 GB. But comparing “live” the speed of the flagship OnePlus lost iPhone XS Max, which has a much more modest 4 GB of RAM.

A comparison of the actual performance of smartphones held a blogger PhoneBuff. He also served on both the smartphones have the same set of tasks is run the applications and games, recording video, sending files over the Internet and more. After completing the tasks, all the running applications were open again. Due to this, the blogger appreciated the opportunity OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition and iPhone XS Max for running applications from RAM.

The first main circle 10 GB of RAM has not helped OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. Smartphone lost iPhone XS Max, completing all five seconds later. On the second lap a huge amount of RAM still made itself felt — the gap OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition was reduced to one second.

However, OnePlus 6T Edition McLaren finished second, losing iPhone XS Max. And this is assuming that OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition flagship processor, and a whopping 10 GB of RAM.

Despite these results, the Android manufacturers don’t think about stopping. Recently, Lenovo has presented the new flagship Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, which has 12 GB of RAM.

Source: YouTube.


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