Today in number: last year’s Samsung, which is cheaper, but no worse than new models, Nokia good flash at a reasonable price and a great alternative to cheap Xiaomi with a better camera.

Never listen to windbags who are asked to help choose a smartphone say, “Yes, they’re all almost the same!”. Even shaggy the days when Android was not clear to anyone thing, and the smartphones it produced only the old guard (Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC), it was not completely identical (the screen quality, autonomy, speed, quality, price) of mobile phones. Today times have changed — Apple is a bit “rotten”, Samsung barely held on the throne, the old “extras” neither alive nor dead, and on the above mentioned Samsung as a zombie, everywhere lapping manufacturers Chinese mobile, and bite off the meat from the Korean giant’s market share.

It seems that the situation is deplorable in theory. But in practice, this means that the “Chinese” are fighting for customers not only with the old producers, but also among themselves, and every Samsung in this difficult situation we have instead of caviar go to red and start to produce good smartphones for 30-35 thousand, and 15-20. And those who do not want to release a new model, dramatically cheaper smartphones in 2018 (not going to point the finger at Sony and LG). And add to this falling “not fashionable”, but still cool Chinese devices in terms of 2018… there are plenty to Choose — you only have to look at the label and the beauty of the body and on performance. And, as in a lousy psychological tests for social networks, get to know your character — the adventurer you or doesn’t like adventure.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A — vote for stability!

I’m not kidding — from your temperament, in fact, depends on many things. If you really are an adventurer and have the goal to buy the cheapest, but usable smartphone, even if it does not sell at arm’s length — grab the ZTE Blade A530 for 4900 rubles, nothing more sensible in the range of 5 thousand it was impossible to find. Just don’t forget to immediately buy external battery pack — 2600 mAh is not gone, in every sense.

I do not want a “minimum” a full-fledged smartphone, but also as cheaply as possible — naberite on online shopping and buy Motorola G5s for 7800-8000 rubles (how lucky). Do not have time? Take the ZTE V9 Blade Vita for 7,700 rubles — get the 8 cores, the 3/32 GB memory, and NFC (Google Pay) for a ridiculous price.

It would seem, what does Xiaomi? Despite the fact that Redmi 6A — option for those who spit on your family budget, these “grab the last copies, don’t discount!” and not just looking for a cool record for ruble spent, but reliable and high quality smartphone. Which you can buy when you get a chance, and not run with online ordering urgently to grab the freebie by the tail.

Xiaomi have quite a strained relationship with the network of Russian shops — cell salons I love it when you can “acquire” each sold separately smartphone, and the Chinese understand that “expensive Saami — nobody wants Saami” and trying to keep prices more or less reasonable limits.

In the end, really cheap Xiaomi with official Russian guarantee or sell “Bros-Chinese” TMall Aliexpress (shop owners Aliexpress Russian stocks, not to be confused with the Ali, which is Packed with traders-private traders from China), or the United yandeksa-sberbankovskoy shop “Take!”. To 6500 rubles, you simply will not find more than a cool smartphone in new condition — take it!

However, the other stores are trying to pull the price of Xiaomi Redmi 6A 2/16 from 5700 to 7500 rubles, and with such a sauce, the Chinese state is transformed from interesting shopping in the “pumpkin” instead of which, even among the models Saami there are more interesting options.

It is not an act of hatred, in General, is good Redmi 6A. Just this smartphone was released 10 months ago — during which time competitors could spawn new models and drop prices on older — and the price of Redmi 6A in major stores somehow remained timeless and has not changed a penny. Smartphones are not wine, they do not become steeper than the younger models over time. Therefore, as soon as Xiaomi Quad core with 16 GB memory, comes close in price to an eight-core ASUS with 32 GB on Board, seomofo predictable is sent to the forest for all but the sectarian fans of the brand.

Nokia Plus 3.1 — faster processor, NFC and Android always new

So you realized on the sale of a good OCTA-core smartphone cheaper 8000 rubles you missed, and spend money like still not on the mobile-“vegetable”, and something that will not resemble their appearance “saved, greedy? And now you suffer!”.

The first thing the new queries you will sell Internet sites and fan groups/forums — Xiaomi Redmi 6. And they are right, because due to its characteristics, this smartphone is practically without weaknesses is just poured in the right quantities. But in fact it is the same Redmi 6A, which replaced the guts. The Chinese put a new processor, added memory, replaced the rear camera (they are now two, not one), added a fingerprint scanner. Cheap sad the body remained, a voracious processor, which was inherited from the older model 3000 mAh battery can hold a charge for like 2700-2800 mAh other smartphones. Until the evening last — and thank God. In General, no reason for sorrow, but for joy too. If this model was worth 7000-7500 rubles, as it stands on Aliexpress with ordering from China, anything steeper would have been impossible. But for 8800-10000 rubles options, oddly enough, is.

I would like to recommend Honor 8A and 32 gigabytes is, and the processor is fast, and even cameras. But a 3000 mAh battery for such a power hungry processor is not enough, and Huawei carefully castrated RAM of this smartphone is that it casually has not prevented “push” you to the more expensive Huawei Honor 8C and P Smart 2019. Don’t know about you, but I would not send a three-legged horse on the land, even if it would sell with a big discount. And what’s “big”, with the current delusions of grandeur have Huawei — almost all cell phone stores are giving 10 thousand rubles, it costs the company store Huawei. A normal Communist price controls to “hitrozadyh rogue” (us) had no chance to save and buy a cheaper phone “recommended” prices. Unless MTS is more or less a neat trick, when you buy a mobile phone for 10 thousand, but you then flies a thousand rubles cashback on branded Bank card MTS (complimentary). And since she you the money transfer/cash the way you want. In the end we get Honor for 8A 9 thousand — not so hot, but better than most sellers.

Best buy in the range of “8-10 thousand” is, oddly enough… Nokia, which is not only lazy kicked argument “fucking Chinese traders bought the legendary Finnish label, and now stamped it overpriced junk with poor performance!”. Why, then, we see two Nokia’s, which are more profitable both new and old models of these your Seam-Huawei-honorof and other half-dead “Masoch”?

Here look, beautiful metal Nokia 5.1 with a Full HD screen, a decent camera and OCTA core processor give for 7800 rubles in Moscow, and 8200 in the regions. Yes, not enough permanent memory (16 GB), 6 for Redmi 8800-1000 rubles, let me remind you, worse of this smartphone is the screen quality, casing and camera, and even deprived of NFC.

But if you desperately need it 3/32 GB and good endurance up to 10 thousand rubles, here you Nokia Plus 3.1 with all the necessary “stuffing” in this budget.

The screen is not Full HD, but only 1440×720 pixels (HD+), but have 6 Redmi screen displays the same amount of pixels, only even more dull. Same processor as Saami, but the battery capacity of 3500 mAh and less “eating” the screen — Nokia is powered by a battery almost as much as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro with 4000 mAh.

With Nokia more presentable housing — metal under a thick layer of paint to not stick to the hands in winter and not hot in the summer. So, if you remember, did the Samsung Galaxy A3/A5/A7 2015 model year. The same camera quality as in 8A Honor 6 and the Xiaomi Redmi, unlike Saami, there is the NFC (and the ability to pay with phone as a credit card). And Android is already the ninth, while in Xiaomi it will arrive “sometime later, during the quarter”.

When in November 2018 Nokia Plus 3.1 was released at a price of 13 thousand rubles, it is almost never bought — Honor 9 Lite was much nicer, even with all its faults. But since then times have changed: Honor 9 Lite today still shamelessly expensive (all the same 13 thousand at most stores), and Nokia fell sharply and has become the most worth buying among the reasonable price of state employees. Get it while it’s sell.

ASUS ZenFone Max M1 Pro — maximum autonomy and headroom in the CPU

If I were ever asked: “What is the use of a huge number of smartphone manufacturers and this imaginary competition, if in the end all punched out roughly equal in performance and price models?”, I silently put a finger on ZenFone Max Pro M1.

Because this is the case when a new “absence,” and yet eager for new smartphones, the country became the reason of the active “bickering” two major manufacturers of electronics, and gave us several of the best budget models.

The country …India. Not the US, where even homeless people are walking around with new iPhone. And even China, in which the smartphones also buy without any logic — just as God “stuff, but prestigious, so I overpaid and will get into debt, but I buy”, not a budget Samsung, Vivo and Oppo local bottling.

While India is unique in that until recently it was very strange popular mobile phones.

Remember 2013-2014 in Russia, when Xiaomi and Huawei was known only to a small number of enthusiasts (as Realme or Sharp Aquos now, yeah), and the shelves were littered with merciless, creepy, disappearing into cosmic dust stuff — Explay, teXet, Iconbit, Highscreen, Ritmix, etc.? All of this was imported savvy Russian businessmen Chinese model with rate “how much you a hundred bucks to pour?”, which glue nameplates, they say, “people’s brand Russia!”, and cheat the price on Aliexpress you can order a smartphone with performance twice as good. There were these bunglers and good models (randomly ordered container with smartphones not bungler, and more or less conscientious Chinese basement pickers), but most is garbage, which is even ashamed to remember.

So — we have almost all of these cowboy office became extinct after the ruble fell by half (and smartphones already poured no bucket, and the buckets of vodka — tinted jeeps Directors of the money was not enough), and the Chinese have realized that they can sell smart phones Russian directly. Xiaomi then still played the fool, Russian officials Meizu is “mastered”, and a hero who, according to Putin, offered to all wet in the toilet, was Honor in his Pro 4C — and here we are nearly civilized market of Chinese officials came only very poor or stupid office.

In India, this whole process started to boil and boil just now. And due to the fact that Hindus almost 10 times more than the Russians, Chinese branded smartphones began to spread with such speed that it reached even to specially created for India models. Or to temporary exclusives. For example, Saami first sold its Redmi Note and Redmi Note 5 7 in India, and only then, when the lovers drink tea and ride on elephants, did eat, it came to the Chinese!

From this demand, “tore the roof” not only sawmill, but ASUS. Associ understand that their existing smartphones to surpass Redmi Note 5 will not be able, even in theory. Because the old crisis as the flagship of the ASUS safely prolyubili, and until recently in Russia and in Europe went a kind of macho and tried with their prices to get into “premium”. Premium desperately resisted. But impoverished India such “show-off” especially not worked. I had to strain engineers and design a good budget smartphone from scratch — one that would be better than Xiaomi, but no more expensive.

And damn it, they got it! Slim phone with Full HD screen, NFC, pure Android always new, separate slots for SIM cards and memory card, loud speaker, and most importantly — a combination of 5000 mAh and the most powerful at that time, the CPU in the state! Yes, the camera quality of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is still ahead. But neither for autonomy nor for practicality Saami and some were not, and worked in long lasting high loads and sometimes even slower (ASUS is not stingy to a good cooling of the processor). It was a victory.

Now everything is different — Xiaomi first released worthless “fillers” in the form of Redmi Note Pro 6, but made up for lost time with superior on all fronts Redmi Note 7. ASUS decided to do work on the bugs — did ZenFone Max Pro second generation (M2) more beautiful, slapped him with an improved camera and more powerful processor. In the end… ruined the balance, which “shot” the first “Max”. With a more powerful processor 5000 mAh began to “fly the tube”, as 4200-4400 mAh competitors, and because of better quality cameras the smartphone has risen to the level of mid-range models, and… well, became a bit meaningless in the background of the Redmi Note 7 on one side, and Xiaomi Pocophone F1 on the other.

But ZenFone Max M1 Pro, which is living out its last months, on shop shelves now cheaper than ever, and very good. Not just good — it’s the best smartphone on the combination of characteristics for 11-13 thousand. All its mass competitors — or “vegetables” without distinguishing characteristics (7 Redmi, Honor 8C, ASUS ZenFone Max M2, Samsung Galaxy A6 2018), or the smartphones category, “why is it so expensive? And why is it needed, if you have Redmi Note 7?” (P Smart Huawei 2019, Lite Honor 10, Honor 8X, Samsung Galaxy A50, Sony Xperia L3, etc.). From Moscow, where it is fashionable to photograph everything from passing cars to themselves in the mirror of the toilet, it is not easy to assume that there is another life. But it seems to me that the people for whom the maximum autonomy + maximum power is more important than the artistic limits of the camera, more than instagram users with “fine mental organization.” It is very good that practical for non-fans to take pictures, even produce smartphones with other characteristics, “all the money”.

Redmi Note 7 — the best budget smartphone in terms of price and quality

Recently Saami harnesses for a long time, before releasing something worthwhile — if, during the transition from Redmi Note Redmi 2 to 3, or 6 Mi to 8 Mi no questions “and what’s this for?” and “what’s new?”, now reasons to sell your old smart phone and run for the new model diminished. Mi 8 turned out to be slightly different from the Mi 9, and 7 Redmi is better than Redmi 6 just as much as expensive than the old model. Not to mention the fact that the old Redmi 5 Plus better than new “just Redmi” on all fronts.

So — since the release of Redmi Note 5 all the fans of steep budget smartphones “outstay” snooze 6 Redmi Note Pro and waited for the new object of worship only with the release of Redmi Note 7.

For the achievement of aggressive young men in the review for free advertise this model and “lynched” anyone who proposes to purchase in the budget class something else? Mostly because Xiaomi:

Kept all of the signature features of the series. In contrast to the “simple Redmi”, which were the first smartphones with small screens, American processors and large batteries (up to Redmi 4) and then “shovels” (5 Redmi, Redmi 5 Plus), and then began the dreary mid-size Chinese “buckets” economy class (Redmi 6) and returned to the traditions of Redmi 5 only in the seventh generation.

Improved old features and nothing is spoiled. If you haven’t read read this graphomania, have you noticed that ASUS this trick did not work, and the new smartphone was worse than the old in terms of price and quality. By the way, about the price.

Did the official price of the smartphone in Russia is lower than expected. How much in the way Russia was worth Redmi Note 4? Do you remember? And I remind you — 20 thousand rubles. How many Russian cost Redmi Note 5? From 18 to 20 thousand rubles. How much cost 6 Redmi Note Pro? From 18 to 20 thousand rubles. And what price was set on Redmi Note 7? Well, of course… 14/16 thousand rubles.

It would be possible to answer the “so what?” if Xiaomi did it under pressure so as tough competitors that have already been sold for 14-16 thousand. But nothing of the sort — it’s been nearly 3 months, and Huawei is still “not steamed” and asks for the same Honor 8X 18/20 thousand rubles, as before. Samsung especially is not complex, and for the same thing that Xiaomi sell for 18 thousand (128 GB), but with NFC, asks …your division, 24 thousand rubles! The conclusion is a bit obvious.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) — the latest way to buy good cheap Samsung

The Chinese began to beat Samsung on ~~ay~~ market share for quite some time, but a strategy of “not yield to provocations and continue to do stuff for 15-20 thousand rubles,” the Koreans were abolished in 2019 — with the release of Galaxy A50. And the reason for such changes, too, were the buyers not from Russia, but all the same India, where manufacturers sell mobile phones in the millions, but the Indians suddenly discovered that Xiaomi’s equal with the Samsung price be steeper, and manufacturer Galaxy began to sink. To completely abandon the production of trash Samsung is not enough spirit, so Galaxy A10, A20 and A30 was “not a fountain”, but the A50 was a great camera for 20 thousand rubles.

Only here for 20 thousand — it will agree, not the public sector. Did Samsung no good smartphones that would be cheaper? There, you just do not out there looking for them.

You need to look not among the new models, and among those, on which Samsung ceased to dictate inflated “recommended” prices and let them go to free swimming. And then it turns out that there are in the official retail of Samsung almost full analogue overvalued Galaxy A50 for a much more interesting price.

It’s Galaxy A7 (2018) — mobile, which, as you might guess, came out last year, “Ponte” and with the price of 27 thousand rubles for the version with 64 GB of memory. Yes, Samsung did not shy to sculpt such price tags for analogue twice cheaper Xiaomi.

But since then much water has flowed under the bridge — the Chinese a couple of times “rearmed” and gained in popularity, and range A3/A5/A7 rewrote almost from scratch on the A30/A50/A70. In the end, “seven” 2018 model year equal to A50, which came out in 2019.

“Can’t be!” you say, when you start to glance at the specification label. The megapixels are not the same, the screens too, even the processors are different! But in reality, the main camera is the A7 and A50 have almost the same, and selfie camera around, if not to find fault with one “extra” megapixels in the new model.

Processors of the same actual speed in the application (in games A50 slightly faster) — except that the processor in the old A7 more voracious, but the battery capacity is slightly smaller (for two days is not enough for a day).

But that’s all! While the A7 is 15 thousand rubles even have the big hitters, and Galaxy A50 they have no 20 thousand to come do not can.

All this is not as romantic as Redmi Note 7 for 14 thousand rubles mentioned in the text, but there is Samsung with their “Goodies” for the sake of which it is buy the cheaper Chinese:

Above the sound quality of the headphones

Cooler display. Someone loves it, someone hates, but in the sun it reads better, and in the flagship smartphones of all firms (no matter — Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung or Apple) mold that is AMOLED/OLED and not IPS.

There is NFC. All the Chinese, in addition to Huawei, this budget-class problems.

Additional wide-angle camera at the rear. In order to push nevpihuemoe to the frame. For evening and night pictures are not good, but slapped a skyscraper in photos from a short distance — easy.

Someday this A7 (2018) is a depreciating A50, and these virtues will add a good autonomy. But here and now “And the seventh” is the cheapest way to buy a good smartphone if you categorically against “the Chinese”. Catch the moment!

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