Despite the popularity of the Apple Watch, not all developers seek to tailor their applications for this gadget. Edition MacDigger found a few apps that will make smart watches more functional.

Chirp for Twitter

The app takes 129 place in the category social networking.

Chirp is a special client that allows you to use all the features of Twitter directly on a smart watch.

With its help it is possible not only to read the tape, but also to follow trending topics, be aware of the events selected by the authors to reply to messages and subscribe to interesting accounts.

The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store. There are in-app purchases for upgrade to advanced version you will have to pay two to five dollars.

Cheatsheet Widget

This program allows you to collect together all the necessary notes and display them in compact and convenient form. For example, to write down the number of Parking spaces, the Bank card account and other relevant information. In the free version, you can choose the three most important parameter, and paying three dollars to display as many number of icons.

The app can be downloaded in the App Store. There are in-app purchases.

Sleep ++

The app takes 174 place in the ranking of programs for health and fitness. It helps to track not only duration, but also sleep cycles. The program is able to understand that the user fell asleep. Additional settings allow you to turn your smart watch into a smart alarm clock that will Wake up in the morning much easier.

The app syncs with your iPhone and allows you to perform the quality of sleep.

The software can be downloaded free in the App Store. There are in-app purchases — ad-free version costs about two dollars.

The Score

This app takes 32 place in the ranking of sports programs. With its help the user will always be aware of what happened to the favorite team. Optionally, you can configure the news feed and details of past events.

App free download on the App Store.

Apple Heart Study

Apple Watch not uncommon to save the life of their owners. Brand application Apple helps to better understand the heart of the user and to detect heart rhythm abnormalities before a problem becomes irreversible. The program runs in the background and does not distract the user from everyday life.

App free download on the App Store.


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