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What to give on February 14? In most collections, including those that we had previously published, the proposed acquisition of available useful (or not) of gifts and Souvenirs. However, many people want to give for the holiday of lovers is much more tangible , valuable and memorable gift. For all such people we present this collection.

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1. AirPods Headphones

Price: 13 999 rubles (15% discount).

Wireless headphones Apple AirPods, which is one of the most popular gifts on any holidays worldwide, has risen in Russia at the beginning of 2019. Alas, the price AirPods affected by the VAT increase. Fortunately, some major stores still sell AirPods at a reduced price, as in 2018. Given that the AirPods can rightly be called the perfect gift, you should look at.

2. iPhone 7

Price: 31 720 rubles (25% discount).

Officially certified in Russia, iPhone 7 can be purchased with a big discount to the February holidays. And remarkably, customers take advantage of the opportunity. Available iPhone 7 remains only in a stylish black Matt colour — the rest was dismantled. For comparison, in most stores iPhone 7 sold at a price of 4-6 thousand rubles more.

3. iPhone X

Price: 59 990 rubles (discount 25%).

The same applies to iPhone X that you can buy on Tmall at the lowest price. That is to say, for example, “Messenger” sells for so much money only restored version of the iPhone X. In Tmall on this price available for purchase of new and certified official for Russia iPhone model X. you Can take.

4. Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+

Price: 30 791 ruble (12% discount).

A nice discount to the February holidays are installed on Apple Watch Series 4 is the latest smart watch from Apple. Speech again goes about the official version of the hours intended for sale in Russia. It’s interesting that other stores do not make any real discounts on the device, only Tmall, which, apparently, a special agreement with Apple.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultraviolet

Price: 49 990 rubles (15% discount).

Very stylish smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 in the chic color “Ultraviolet”. Looks really modern and sets itself apart from all other smartphones. But we have included it in a compilation, largely due to discounts — it is as much as 10 000!

6. iPhone XR

Price: 59 990 rubles (15% discount).

Cool iPhone XR with bright body colours will be the perfect a serious gift for February 14. Just in the last week XR is powerful iPhone dropped in price, so buying a smartphone as a gift will also benefit!

7. Bluetooth speaker Sony

Price: 3499 rubles (20% discount).

A powerful wireless speaker from Sony. Has a stunning clean and loud sound, working time up to 16 hours and protection from water.

8. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi8 Lite

Price: 17 990 rubles (discount 20%).

If you want to present a great smartphone without spending too much money, the choice should be stopped on Xiaomi Mi8 Lite. It is a modern smartphone with a powerful processor, edge-to-edge display and a really cool camera. The perfect alternative to the iPhone for the right price.


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