Big discounts for women’s day.

March 8, many Russian shops have made large discounts on various products that are most often selected as a gift to women. Honest discounts is really a lot, some of them huge. Spoke about what gifts to March 8, women will snatch with big markdowns.

In this set of considered products from the platform Tmall, where their products sell the leading brands ranging from Apple, finishing Puma and Adidas. Shipping from Tmall holds a maximum of five days. March 8 gifts will definitely be delivered.

1. External battery Xiaomi

Price: 844 rubles (discount 35%).

Portable battery — it’s a gift with care, which makes sure that the smartphone will never sit at a bad time. This model from a reputable manufacturer Xiaomi has powerfully fallen in price. The battery is very stylish and compact, but its capacity is 10000 mAh. It’s enough to make the whole week to charge the smartphone when needed.

2. iPhone 8

Price: 39 653 ruble (25% discount).

One of the best discounts all the sales, dedicated to 8 March. 8 iPhone dipped in price to a minimum for all history of sales. Chic smartphone from Apple can be purchased in all available colors, including silver and gold.

3. Grill pan Rondell

Price: 1434 ruble (40% discount).

Popular grill pan from the company Rondell. One important feature of the pan is square shape. Due to this, it is possible to simultaneously cook a steak and vegetable garnish.

4. Puma Sneakers

Price: 4725 rubles (discount 57%).

As part of the sale March 8 on Tmall made the most powerful discounts up to 75% on women’s sports running shoes leading brands. Cheaper sneakers Puma, Adidas, Reebok and other companies. Note that these running shoes from Puma.

5. Apple Watch Series 4

Price: 30 599 rubles (25% discount).

“Smart” watch Apple watch is traditionally one of the most common gifts on March 8. The gadget is very beautiful but also incredibly useful. This is especially true of the latest model of the Apple Watch Series 4, which for the first time has fallen in price so much.

6. Cordless vacuum cleaner De’longhi

Price: 7923 ruble (discount 39%).

Wireless vacuum cleaner makes it possible to substantially facilitate cleaning of the flat. It is much comfortable than conventional models, furthermore, it is even nice to get out. Select the model from the company De’longhi, which looks very stylish and will complement any interior.

7. Robot vacuum iLife

Price: 8814 rubles (discount 48%).

If you want to completely eliminate the cleaning is to pay attention to the robot cleaner. This model from iLife a real hit, it has more than seven thousand orders. The cleaner does everything himself. First scans the apartment, and after starting to get out on schedule, maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment.

8. Coffee Machine Bosch

Price: 34 993 ruble (30% discount).

Cool coffee machine from the famous company Bosch. Preparing delicious coffee of different varieties and can brew two cups simultaneously. A gorgeous gift for any lover of coffee.

9. Samsung Galaxy J4+

Price: 7794 ruble (40% discount).

Inexpensive but proven smartphone from Samsung has become even cheaper. A great gift as a first smartphone, for example, the mother. By the way, the reviews of the customers say that the smartphone was bought as a gift on March 8.

10. Robot vacuum cleaner Midea

Price: 7995 rubles (50% discount).

Another popular robot vacuum cleaner, which is rapidly gaining popularity before women’s day. This model is characterized by the presence of the display and distinctive design. The meaning of the vacuum cleaner of the same model from iLife. The robot makes a map of the apartment, and then begins to move through it and to ensure that on the floor there was no debris.


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