The app Drafts from the Studio developer Agile Tortoise will appear in the Mac App Store before the end of 2018.


This was reported by one of the founders of the program on the official forum Drafts.

He noted that immediately after the release of the Mac version it will be available to all the features in iOS:

“Initially Drafts for Mac will support such functions as: creating records, editing and organizing them by tags and folders. Also will sync with iCloud. And given the idea of the editor, there are tools to create quick notes, so you can instantly record your ideas in Drafts. In the first version will not support custom actions and scripts to interact with third-party applications”

The developer is not saying when he’ll release the program, but hinted that already in early autumn, will start open beta for all comers to help in the finalization of the application.

Drafts is a popular text editor for iOS, one of the main features is the possibility to send text to other programs, whether the task Manager or digital diary. Detailed overview the editors had previously published.


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