Almost everyone who praises or criticizes smartphone Yandex says almost nothing about the smartphone, but only about his attitude to the Russian search engine? Technical competent journalists somehow turn into jesters on both sides of the fence — some, when you compare this unit with the latest IPhones, the second — when issued “ha ha, MPs and the FSB will listen to you right out of your pocket!” instead of talking about the processor, battery, screen or camera. We will explain what is “Yandex. Phone” as a mobile for 18 thousand in comparison with the competitors and to clearly explain whether it is worth buying.

Appearance: we all saw it, but to criticize nothing special

Hardly Yandex specifically monitor the Russian market of smartphones in search of the standard in appearance — guys just found accommodating Chinese ~~Chinese~~ Taiwanese, to release the device in small quantities (not for huge China + India + Russia and only for Russia, and that no claim for record sales) at a sane price. But in appearance the result is that Yandex. The phone is almost a copy… Honor 9 Lite. Not a bad role model considering the fact that Honor 9 Lite not so long ago was the top selling smartphone in Russia. One could say that the design is similar to LG G6 Alpha, but actually “Korean” more compact, better looking front (the curved screen helps) and much more ugly than the back (glossy plastic with scratches).

If you don’t remember what it’s for Honor 9 Lite/Huawei P Smart I nod, explain the appearance of Anderston otherwise: average size cell height as the old devices with a 5.5” display (4X the Xiaomi Redmi Note, Sony Xperia L2), or, if you’re talking about new machines, the same length as the iPhone or Xr Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, but more narrow and lightweight.

Afraid to say this out loud, but by modern standards Yandex. The phone looks compact and lightweight machine — the current “spade” with 6 inches screen 18:9 is much larger. But the leaders of compactness far: where Apple or Xiaomi in the same size manage to punch 6-6.1” screen Yandex. The phone offers only 5.65 inches. Because the “bangs” (cut screen) not — either specifically avoided mimicking the IPhone or the Chinese have sold to Yandex “carcass” of the smartphone, which was developed before the release of iPhone X and indiscriminate fashion to copy it.

Honestly, back cell phone scary — Yandex respect for not began to steal the location of the cameras from the iPhone (as it does in all Huawei new smartphones, except the Mate 20), and that the camera does not protrude from the housing… but “some” holes in the black window for the two cameras look weird. Similarly, Shura made “service port” wrapped in Wallpaper and partner on the site. Only that Shura didn’t get paid for it as they get designers in Yandex. With covers-bumpers rear part of the smartphone looks a little better, but it’s not a compliment, because with makeup (or photoshop) we are all beauties and superheroes. On the other hand, such a strange design “ass” and no one smartphone, and in this respect, Yandex. The phone is easier to distinguish among the mountains “Chinese” for stealing iPhone design X in unison.

Hybrid slot (or two SIM cards or one SIM card + memory card) is a minus, but the combination of Full HD-screen + USB C (balanced charging connector) with the headphone Jack and NFC (Google Pay) is good. Now such a set neither have the budget Xiaomi nor Meizu, and Huawei, all of these components are only in the aging P20 Lite.

Screen and sound: everything is good, except the speaker of the Handsfree

In 10 minutes I twisted in hands a smartphone in the twilight of Yandex office to make the final verdict display Yandex. Phone does not work, but can you say for sure that the brightness and contrast it’s all very well (better than, say, the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 or the Xiaomi Redmi 6), and color reproduction you need to look in normal conditions, not under the colourful spotlights. Only now I can say that photographically correct colors, as the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) SE or iPhone, Anderston not issue — the colors are a bit oversaturated, and the white color slightly diluted blue, as is always the Chinese do their Huawei/Honor, ZTE, Nokia and, more rarely, Xiaomi. Not fatally, and “workers”, as practice shows, like this more than the seemingly yellowish and faded screens with the correct colors.

But the speakerphone is very sad — it is, of course, loud but squeaky, as if out of a Chinese children’s toy and said “ori, that is strength!”. About the same sound from the speaker smartphones for 5-6 thousand rubles. And even with the universal fact “obzorschik snickering and just wants to complain about” I do remember that the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/Note 6 Pro sound a lot better. All Huawei & Honor — not much, but at least not only due to squeal, but and MIDs. Perhaps among the instances which gave to the touch. was half dead smartphones, but what I see, I sing, and I will be glad if serial devices (which will give a detailed overview) speaker will sound decent.

But with headphones the sound is excellent. No EQ or other krutilki in a smartphone is not tightened, but this is not necessary — the sound almost immediately pure, with good volume and balanced. Yandex say that the smartphone has built a separate audio chip (DAC) Qualcomm Aqstic rumor has it that WCD9340 and puffed out his chest with pride. By and large, all you need to know about this chip is a standard the audio part of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845 (see Mix Xiaomi Mi 2s, Xiaomi Mi 8, Pocophone F1 Xiaomi, OnePlus 6, ASUS ZenFone 5Z, etc.). The sound is not super-mega-audiophile, but good quality.

It is not known whether slapped in Yandex. Phone sound from flagship processor, and Qualcomm likes to muddy the waters and to specify how the Snapdragon DAC is equipped. But already now we can say that the cell phone Yandex sounds better than any ASUS, LG, Nokia, Huawei and Honor up to 20 thousand rubles. Among Xiaomi more or less compete can A1 Mi and Redmi Note 5/Note 6 Pro is unlikely, but in Snapdragon audio chip 636 is also good, so you need to compare in person. For this to Yandex respect — “I Music” the kit looks Herbalife and its really nice to listen to even on expensive headphones.

The processor and other hardware: slightly below maximum (for state employees) level

It’s good to be a young dreamer and angry that the processor is Andextra worse than similar price Xiaomi on Aliexpress. Because if you’re not young and not a dreamer, you already know that a record of cool toppings, this mobile phone could not be.

Because Xiaomi can bargain with Qualcomm for the low price of the CPU using the argument “Yes, we are hundreds of thousands of mobile will sell! Give us a discount for such opt!”. Samsung so far may say, “if you, my friend, do not like something in the proposed price, go to the forest with their processors — I have my own Exynos on my factories are ready to go.”

Yandex no long runs of smartphones, nor its own capacities for their production, no “iron hand of influence” to indicate American and Chinese developers at the right price processors. Therefore, the maximum for budget smartphones in the office.retail RF chips Snadpragon 636 and 660 in Yandex. The phone is not delivered. But brought Snapdragon 630 — it’s such a dispersed and improved version of the hackneyed to the holes of processors for a budget smartphone (Snapdragon 625/626/630), which over the past couple of years where not only shoved in 4X Xiaomi Redmi Note, Redmi Note 5 Plus, Mi A2 Lite, Note Meizu M6, Sony Xperia XA2, Nokia 6.1, ASUS ZenFone 5 Lite etc.

From the old modifications (those 625 and 626) he has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 instead of the old 4.2 (slightly faster, more economical, and can connect multiple devices — fitness tracker and Bluetooth-column simultaneously, for example), a higher maximum speed of 4G, “going to go hot” 10-15% cores and gaming graphics.

Honestly, up to 20 thousand rubles are plenty of smartphones, which “tear” Yandex. Phone performance: 5 Xiaomi Redmi Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 6, ASUS ZenFone Max M1 Pro, ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2, Honor 8X and Nokia 7.1. But all other devices, regardless of the steepness of the brand or of equal speed, or noticeably slower. On the other hand, smartphones with the same characteristics as Yandex. Phone today asking for 14-15 18 thousand rubles can take a look at the official price of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus or [Honor 9 Lite] ( in order to verify this. Xiaomi will more and significantly more durable, but of course without NFC (payment from a smartphone instead of a credit card).

About autonomy: the tests yet, of course, nobody did, but expect that’s effective processor and 3050 mAh Yandex. Phone will last for days of normal use, commercials and 17:00-18:00, if you “scald” in a smartphone for a long time, but not in games, or before lunch if is games and lean.

Quick charging (I bet that Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, but Yandex shied away from the exact answer), if you believe the developers, allows you to recharge 70% battery in half an hour. That’s cool — except for the ASUS and perhaps Sony no longer offers certified quick charger models are cheaper for 18 thousand rubles.

As you can see, iron is not extremely fast, but decent. The trouble lies in another camera in Yandex-mobile worse than they’re supposed to be at 18 thousand rubles, which ask the sellers.

Camera: taken from lower-priced smartphones

Questions about the specific name of the sensor, the aperture of the optics or other really important thing (not for marketing) features on the camera Yandex prefers not to answer. Like, sensor — Samsung and details — ~~none of your damn business~~ ‘ll announce sometime later. And yet look at how cool Alice responds to requests, and rate the promotional offers of our partners…

To transfer photos to mugs standing nearby. until the next in line to spin the same instance resent the help, I did not. Explain the photo quality “on your toes”: it is the same as a typical smartphone, for 11, a maximum of 14 thousand roubles. Still better than ASUS ZenFone Max M1 Pro or Nokia 5, but about on par with 5 Plus Xiaomi Redmi/Redmi 6, zadolbali you in this article Honor Lite 9/8C Honor or Nokia Plus 3.1. This camera in Sunny weather can screw itself, nice view images, but in “combat” conditions of the Russian autumn are more likely to give dull and not very “smooth” on the number of interference images.

And then either include the HDR mode (long shooting multiple brightness photos and gluing them into one high-quality), don’t breathe while shooting 2-3 seconds and you will be happy. Or reconciled to the fact that the camera in the phone for 18 thousand rubles taken from mobile phones worth 12 thousand, and never remember about this trouble. To shooting quality photos level Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 6 or 8X Honor our hero Oh so far.

Android and shell: something good, something stupid. In sum — need to get used to

Android 8.1 shell Yandex instead of Google — it is absolutely not a problem. I remember two years ago, “Yandex Launcher” was installed on initially lousy at stuffing Fly, and the shell is “inhibited” so that the smartphone wanted to break immediately after purchase. But since the programmers of Yandex has learned to sculpt software for Android more carefully, and smartphones with a proprietary shell ceased to be a goner, so in “Yandex. Phone” everything is working perfectly fast. And Google saved, and Yandex did not even bother to sell their own branded app store and Google Play is limited.

The devil knows how to treat shell. On the one hand, I like the ability to choose a cool Wallpaper for your desktop without third party apps (Yes, we rarely change or do not change at all, but only because “direct beauty” is difficult) — this form no longer offers one, except in your ASUS ZenUI. Like cool tape “recommendations” discounts, articles according to your taste and other exchange rates/new applications — this is much better than the garbage from the “yellow press” in the Russian Google. Like the built-in spam filter in order to weed out calls from privately credits or masters to conduct polls. I like the ability to find a number of organizations or restaurant where you are usually looking for contacts in the phone list.

The opportunity to chat with “Alice”, even when the phone is locked and lying somewhere on a table near the charging is also very cool. After all, the most friendly and intelligent voice assistant among all who know how to work with the Russian language. In smartphones with Google to get Alice to run in the background, it was not goglova carefully monitored so that their Google assistant could not be reassigned to other voice assistant. And for third-party vendors, which are not bound by contracts with the “Android + Google services) — please. Than Yandex and used.

But sort apps by icon color… is a strange idea. For example, a Megaphone in the application for watching TV on smartphone icons changed from green to black and back several times — loafers-programmers than it was to justify their high salaries, not otherwise. And many such examples. And, come on, remember no peeping — phone app you have yellow or green? And address book?

As “application partners”? It’s just advertising all sorts of services for which Yandex “brought” evergreen presidents of the United States. For some reason, when Microsoft shows such as “recommendations” at the Start-up is “how dare you, idiots?!” from the public. When the budget Meizu and BQ on first run any Android full paid domestic businessmen nonsense, it is also all outraged. And Yandex, so you can? Hell no!

For what to overpay?

Any way come, come to the result that Yandex. The phone is good, in General, the smartphone, and to be among the best… if it cost 13-14 thousand rubles. Because almost all the characteristics it corresponds to the budget Chinese smartphones of late 2017-early 2018, and superior to these older models it is only due to fast charging, USB-C charging and NFC. Get a little expensive, but you’re looking in the price difference — this difference is not buried in the “hardware” and “software”, “brain” of the cell. Because integration is “Alice” in a seamless manner and a 6 month free Yandex subscription (Yahoo plus) and buried the justification for the high prices of the cell phone.

Voice assistants, of course, aren’t for everybody. Chatter with robots we almost all played enough, but pensioners (who don’t love this material design and other decorations in the design of the application) and children (who, unlike the older generation, do not know how to think search queries “homework pdf –buy”, and want to live communication) Alice love. Backup photos and online movies in IMDb the kids also appreciate and retirees will be pleased to find phone “Executive Committee” directly from your address book.

But the other “features” subscription “Yandex Plus” or universal, or adult-orientated geeks. Because of the simple workers of the regions do not care about your carsharing and delivery of goods from online stores. And even more do not care about the discount on the extra bed in Yandex Disk. And even a discount to Yandex Taxi may not be relevant, if the village taxi is “Nikolaitch in their Zhiguli” and no one else. Cashback to purchase? Can and will master, but Yandex Money in their original roles are dead and the use of “troubled” Bank card now few people want. Except that Yandex Music is beautiful and will be loved by absolutely everyone because Vkontakte Boom — trash, Google Play Music — inhibited voracious and strange design of the application failures in the Soviet/Russian music, and Apple Music on Android smartphones to establish why it is not accepted.

Perfect user of all Yandex services, from carsharing to cloud storage — some “geek” or them trying to become a citizen. But this already has at least a smartphone, the level of any Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, where it has long been established everything you need. What could cause such a person to make a “step back” and buy more simple technically Yandex. Phone?

And if a person buys Yandex. The phone to the latest money or in installments, as it is now often do, if he’ll agree to a monthly fee Yandex after half a year of free services expires? If you do not agree, you will remain alone with undeletable Yandex Money (which will not be of use), Yandex Music (which will require a subscription), stuffed to the eyeballs Yandex Disk and trading platform “Take!” (where the owner of the smartphone will be nothing to buy). And such idle nonsense. The question is, why?

So we’ve come full circle again to return to the question:

The pros and cons of Yandex. Phone

As a gift to the pioneers and seniors this phone is a great option. No, I’m serious: you give a mobile phone with a normal speed (suitable for games) and normal battery life, bright screen, easy listening music (grandmother — Muslim Magomayev, the grandson — Little or Big, these Elgee), free movies without SMS unlock torrents and other stuff, YouTube, Google Play, and 64 GB of memory to fill them with things. It is an adequate set, for which six months is not a sin and to pay extra.

If you escape from paid services Yandex, in comparison with competitors “Yandex. Phone“ briefly looks like this:

Screen:high quality, one of the best at this price.

Housing:the design is nothing special, but the screen size is moderate, is among the new “public sector” is already a rarity.

Iron:the third level of the slope of the budget processor among a couple of dozen relevant in 2018. Enough for any tasks except games on “super-duper” graphics quality

Sound:the best (or, at least, one of the best) budget-the sound quality of the headphones, and the worst quality dynamics speaker.

Autonomy:medium — the majority of Huawei-Honorof and smartphones “small” producers run down faster, but the Samsung with the same capacity battery will last longer, and Xiaomi and ASUS with a 4000 mAh — too.

Camera:not a fountain — you can take pictures, but it is advisable to do it in Sunny weather so as not to grieve about the quality of the pictures. Most smartphones for 18 thousand rent not worse and some much better.

Yandex. Telephone or competitors?

Compare Yandex. Phone with smartphones on Aliexpress not even funny — there you can find cell phones for 7.3 thousand rubles, which will be better on all fronts, except for the presence of NFC.

In the Russian retail alternatives too. None of the smartphone competitors can’t offer you a free subscription to music and other discounts on taxi, but on the technical characteristics 5 Xiaomi Redmi Note/Redmi Note Pro, Honor 6 and 8X is much better Yandex. Phone. Even given the fact that Xiaomi has no NFC (old Chinese tradition), the quality of the camera, autonomy and speed of these smartphones far ahead. Nokia 7.1 andextra comparable to the quality of the screen, the presence of NFC and just a little bit better quality camera, but it looks better and works faster. for the same money (except that the memory is 32 and not 64 GB).

Okay we were talking only about the Chinese! Over 18 thousand can you buy Sony Xperia XA1 Plus, which will also be Full HD-screen, lower quality camera, 3400 mAh battery, NFC, roughly the same application (but really, more dead in the games) processor, fast charging and 4/32 GB memory!


It is stupid to blame the Yandex. The phone just because it’s “phone, which made me hated Yandex”. From a technical point of view, the camera is decent compared to the crap we are fed all sorts of oysters and other Doogee, is a technique of the gods. In comparison the best representatives of the budget smartphones — normal model, which for some reason don’t sell for 12-14 (at this price it really is worth buying), and for 18 thousand rubles.

For the young and not spoiled with expensive mobile phones geek (“geek”) from the cities it is a great gift discount taxi, half of cool music and other yandeksovsky wealth please. For pupils of 4-7 classes — too bad (if the class is not composed of majors with IPhones 7 and newer). For parents, if they want to learn how to use a smartphone — is also a great candidate, but be prepared that “songs of my youth” after half a year will have to pay, but collection of recipes, information about who got her pregnant singer mouth (and other body parts) and quotes Putin in the mobile phone will be very pleasing dad, mom pre-retirement/retirement age.

For girls Yandex. The phone is no good — in uncontested black color looks dull and rather cheap, stupid camera, prestige is near zero. For you, my technically-advanced readers, too, will not work because “not enough” %iteratio%: tough enough to take it instead of ZenFone Max M1 Pro, not fast enough to choose him, not Xiaomi Pocophone F1 or even Redmi Note Pro 6. Not enough good photographs to consider such a device instead of the Xiaomi Mi A2. A little bit of everything enough to melt the heart of a maximalist. But without emotion, for a fan of mobile phones in the purchase would not make sense, and varieties of “corruption” six-month subscriptions to services is not correct.

Afterword: FSB loves your jokes about Yandex. The phone, so they siphoned from your Android/iOS smartphones and release a book

There will be a digression. Of course, all sorts of flawed clowns running around the Internet with jokes about secret services and Putin personally who is watching you through your smartphone. And the radiance of his wit not to suspect that the communication channels of your cozy internetika bolted to the nearest Department of the FSB since the beginning of the two thousandth’s, and a couple of years ago, according to the “Law of Spring” all your SMS conversations and adventures not just available in the near future, if you doubt the greatness of the Leader and of the Party, and here-here will be stored securely for a period from six months to several years.

Yandex is not a fool and realizes that the “top” will start to twist arms and ask/demand anything (and therefore, Yandex is registered in the Netherlands, not in Russia, as many naively believe), but to cooperate would have, and it’s the truth. Only now Google along with Apple who know about your habits all the content of the correspondence to the exact coordinates at any moment — the same way they put a bolt on the mystery of your life.

Just look how censors and scope of Apple delivers the “enemies of the regime” in China — when you search something unpleasant for MPs, instead of search results will give you the blank page, as if nobody in the world does not discuss anything like. But if you look persistently and to find ways of bypassing, you will find. Google until recently hunted a beautiful speech about democracy (and helped the US army with the aiming system in drones for bombing undemocratic countries) and bend to China would not, and then decided that money does not smell, and all have to agree. You really think that is not blocked in Russia, Google and Apple were not talking “heart to heart” and proper agreements with the representatives of the Russian authorities?

I repeat: Yandex in this respect no better and probably even worse. But you are a mug if you think that now you are no one is watching. In the case of the smartphone is a small chance to escape from the surveillance you will have if you put instead of the standard firmware some without ParanoidAndroid Google apps, disable everything to install, access untrusted Internet resources, and on top of this beauty, connect to a foreign VPN, then to raise the i2p network on the mobile phone. Then you have the moral right to pontificate on the subject for the presence or absence of surveillance.

Wait, someone’s knocking at the door, I’ll-I’ll see who it misbehaves, and then I’ll finish the article…

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