Online service for job search Glassdoor has compiled a list of 15 American corporations, which do not require from applicants the diploma. However, it is only about some jobs in the United States. Among the companies — Apple, Google, IBM and Bank of America.

In the us Google offices, but without a diploma you take product Manager, recruiter, software engineer and Manager of product marketing. In the Apple for those who have no higher, have vacancies mainegeneral for design verification and design engineer, and a major international restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill — the position of the Manager of the kitchen or the service Manager. Is there a similar trend in Russia? Says General Director of Unistaff Yegor Gorgonov:

Yegor Gorgonov General Director of Unistaff “we Have major corporations that can afford to offer high returns, of course, strive to people with specialized education. The company, which is not so major, decisions; I know many companies are creating corporate universities, corporate training centers, which train specialists to work specifically in this company. Consider people including those with higher, but not specialized education or no higher education. Another issue is that to build a career in such corporations without higher education, will probably be very difficult. It gives still some knowledge required by the supervisor. But to fulfill work here on a linear level.”

Many large companies in Russia provide for future employees — students or graduates — internships, employment that diploma will be considered as advantage. However, smaller employers are looking at higher education. Much more important than previous work experience of the applicant, says the restaurateur, owner of a chain of restaurants “Meat&Fish”, the Director of the Agency “Testconsult” Sergey Mironov.

Sergei Mironov, a restaurateur, owner of a chain of restaurants “Meat&Fish”, the Director of the Agency “Testconsult” “as for our restaurant business, the total number of employees, probably, 1-2% have a higher education. You cannot abandon higher education in the restaurant business, probably only from technologists. Food technologist — one who works with food, chief accountant. All others: Directors, managers, chefs — only experience. The restaurant market is quite compact, and we’re investigating where the person worked. If a restaurant can afford to choose, because the staff is not enough, it selects only employees that worked in a serious, prestigious locations. I think there is bound to help, why he left, no matter what he told you as he worked. The impression. Very often the person successfully passes the interview, then HR gives information in which it is impossible to leave”.

Far more important than the diploma, the desire and ability to learn. However, for some jobs people without a College education still will not work, considers the General Director of Agency of prospecting technologies “R-Techno” Roman romachev.

— It all depends on the person learning. If the person is teaching, higher education and many professions is not absolutely required.

— Who would be left still with higher education, specifically in his company, here on this post only with the crust?

— Specifically in my work in higher education is necessary for analysts. Without it anywhere, since it is necessary to navigate in many fields: business, Economics, politics. Here you need a fairly large-scale thinking and a high level of qualification.

— If the applicant comes specifically to you what the test he is undergoing?

— We look at the man, studying his past and definitely give a certain task that he must perform. If his level of knowledge allows you to accomplish to do this, we take him to work.

According to the August poll, more than 70% of Russians under 24 years believe that to do a career without higher education.

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