Microsoft founder bill gates was photographed at the fast food restaurant Dick’s Drive-In, while he stood in line. Post his photo shared on Facebook by a former Microsoft employee Mike Galos (Mike Galos).

At the photos of gates with his hands in his pockets, stands in the light of the neon lights, and looking in the direction of the institution. In the comments to the post notes that “behave these rich people, in contrast to the imitators of the White house.” Record shared more than eight thousand users.

Gates often happens in public institutions. For a billionaire has a reputation of a lover of fast food from Burgermaster in which he usually dined, so users surprised by his unexpected visit to Dick’s Drive-In.

Twitter users approved of the behavior of a billionaire who, in their opinion, “behaving like ordinary people”. One of the users noted that is a fan of Apple, but bill made him respect for his action.

Another user has asked their subscribers if ordered billionaire shake. Another commenter on Twitter said that Microsoft donated to the homeless $ 500 million.

The stream of flattering comments about bill gates explains his popularity in the United States. In 2018 he took fifth place in the list of most revered men of the country.

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