Preparing important amendments.

For the second reading, officials are preparing amendments to the bill on the so-called “sovereign Runet“. According to reliable sources, TASS, RBC, one of the amendments to the act will allow providers to work without the use of special equipment state.

The new amendment to the notorious law on the Autonomous Russian Internet will be granted to providers able to work without special equipment in the case, if the authorities do not provide. According to sources, if the government will not be able to provide the operator with the necessary equipment for traffic control, the provider will be able to continue working the “old way”.

How can customers of such operators will go online and will their traffic be captured to bypass the probable restrictions from the West is unknown.

The bill on Autonomous Internet in Russia was submitted to the Duma in late 2018. The bill requires the provision to all Russian providers of special equipment from Roskomnadzor, which will prevent the threats of the Internet. Also this equipment will allow you to quickly block prohibited in Russia resources. The system of separate Internet will give the opportunity to retain access to the Russian segment of the Internet in the case of blocking of the global Internet due to Western sanctions, according to the authors of the bill.

Source: RBC.


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