Voice assistant Bixby, which is built into some smartphones Samsung managed to win in two contests — MS MARCO and TriviaQA. It is reported by Phone Arena.

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence assistants, developed by manufacturers of smartphones, are getting smarter and harder. To see who advanced in the area of machine learning further, companies organize various contests.

For example, Microsoft holds a tournament MARCO — MAchine Reading Competition Dataset. As part of the competition intelligent assistant should answer the question posed by the user through the search engine Microsoft Bing. Assistant will find ten web documents and to provide a response in human-readable form.

To test voice assistants within TriviaQA used 650 000 groups of data containing the question, answer and its justification. During the competition the intelligent assistant ask the question. Artificial intelligence needs to quickly and accurately provide a response and to refer to the sources confirming the truth of the allegations.

In tests TriviaQA participate basic version of artificial intelligence and development, are equipped with a neural network. The performance rating of the usual assistants is 23%, more advanced algorithms get up to 40%. For comparison, the average person — 80%.

Assistant Bixby was in the lead in the competition MS MARCO in the period from 14 June to 4 Julia 2018 until it was beaten by an artificial intelligence company Baidu. However, the achievement of Bixby received under TriviaQA still remains undefeated.

Bixby high results may lead to that the voice assistant will be equipped with not only smartphones, but other Samsung devices, including appliances.


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