A year and a half after starting BeepCar, service company bought the BlaBlaCar. About it vc.ru said the representatives of BlaBlaCar.

The two companies signed an agreement under which, in the autumn of 2018 Mail.Ru Group will redirect the users BeepCar on BlaBlaCar. Mail.Ru Group will also promote BlaBlaCar on their sites.

Mail.Ru Group decided to focus on the development of larger services. The number of users BeepCar and the amount of the transaction in the company did not disclose.

“We are pleased to announce the beginning of a long-term partnership with BlaBlaCar, in which we integrate BeepCar in their system. The cooperation will allow us to focus on developing our ecommerce initiatives, this will allow users to continue to use your favorite capolingua service,” — said General Director of Mail.Ru Group Boris Dobrodeyev.

BlaBlaCar are 65 million people worldwide, 15 million — is the Russian audience. According to the head of BlaBlaCar Nicolas Brusson, buy BeepCar will double the activity in Russia.


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