The service boasted achievements.

BlaBlaCar has launched a major advertising campaign, whose purpose — to attract the attention of users to the new search algorithm companions. Kabalingay service for the first time decided to use as the main channel of promotion advertising on television.

BlaBlaCar launches an advertising campaign on 16 July. A short video describing the benefits of the service, already available on the Federal channel “Russia 24”, NTV, TNT, Che, STS, and 2×2. The video will be broadcast for 5 weeks.

The main idea and slogan of the campaign BlaBlaCar — “We are on the way!”. This is a reference to and implemented in early year search algorithm capolingua service. With it, users can specify the actual addresses of departure and arrival, and not just the names of settlements. This makes it easier to search for travel. The driver does not need to be specified as the landing site of a popular location like Parking, shopping center or square in the city centre. Passengers can pick up along the way if its address is located on the route.

BlaBlaCar is an international service travel. The company was founded in 2006 in France, and she now works in 22 countries, providing services to the 65 million registered users. In Russia the service was used by 15 million people.

Become a user of BlaBlaCar simple — just download from the App Store app and create an account.


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