For the purchase of many goods will give the second!

November 23rd kicks off the largest on AliExpress in 2018 sale “Black Friday“. As part of the sale will be made on AliExpress huge discounts on tens of thousands of products from various categories. But beyond that, AliExpress will offer buyers to buying certain goods gifts. In this article talked about what goods will be purchased at a favorable action and how exactly to make a purchase.

“Black Friday” is not just called the biggest sale of the year. During the year, AliExpress has been a lot of sales, but only at the upcoming customers will have the opportunity to purchase various goods with gifts. And we are talking about the full products and not any cheap products worth less than 100 roubles.

As a gift shop will offer a second product, which is in most cases not the cheapest. For example, 24 Nov AliExpress will sell the perfect smartphone Huawei Honor 8X, offering the gift of quality headphones from the same company Huawei. And another proposal on the same day, fans of shopping will be able to “grab” the EZBook laptop Pro 3 with special case bag for him.

And such proposals AliExpress will do every day of the upcoming sales. Preferred them to keep track of selected links:

  • Deals 23 Nov
  • Deals 24 Nov
  • Proposal 25 Nov
  • Deals 26 Nov
  • Offers 27 Nov

It is also important to note that the number of products with gifts is very limited. Therefore, buyers are advised to monitor the moment when activates AliExpress discounts and try as soon as possible to buy the right product.


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