The biggest discounts on the best wireless headphones!

Launched a large-scale sale during Black Friday, which particularly manifests itself powerfully AliExpress. In the vast AliExpress fell hundreds of thousands of different products, including wireless headphone. In this selection we have collected the most qualitative and popular wireless headphones at the seriously discounted prices.

Shipping from Russia! AirPods

Price: 11 rubles, 099 (original price of 13 990 rubles).

AirPods — the best wireless headphones in the world for the last two years. Users appreciate the headphones design, long battery life and complete lack of wires, which allows you to enjoy music with the convenience of a different level. On sale price AirPods pleasure has decreased — you need to take until the price is again increased.

Shipping from Russia! Samsung Level U

Price: 3 486 rubles (regular price is 4 390 rubles).

Very popular headphones from Samsung. Headphones Level U is ideal for those who want to wear headphones on the neck with maximum comfort. And, of course, it is worth noting the amazing sound Level U, which is markedly superior to those cheap Chinese models.

Shipping from Russia! JBL E25

Price: 3 002 ruble (regular price 3 899 rubles).

For those who need maximum sound quality, we recommend to look at the JBL E25. Plug these wireless headphones have very loud, clear and rich sound at all frequencies.

Bluedio TN

Price: 1 028 rubles (regular price 2 637 rubles).

One of the most popular wireless headphones on AliExpress! Model from a reputable manufacturer Bluedio has a modern design, powerful clean sound and the time of work without recharging up to 12 hours. Perhaps the best option for those who want to buy wireless headphones, but not to spend on them a fortune.

Baseus S06

Price: 821 ruble (regular price 1 157 rubles).

Very nice discount made on proved by thousands of customers, in-ear wireless headphones from Baseus. The headphones have a loud but clear sound, a small panel with control buttons and a battery life up to 8 hours when listening to music. The headphones also built-in quality microphone that allows to use them as a headset.


Price: 775 rubles (regular price 061 1 ruble).

One more wireless headphone with classic form. The headphones are very lightweight and sweat-proof, allowing to use them even during intense workouts. Time headphones work without recharging is four hours.


Price: 996 rubles (normal price 1 423 rubles).

Comfortable wireless headphones with original hull form. In addition to the comfortable in-ear fit, headphones pleasing sound is of excellent quality and time of work without recharging up to 10 hours of music listening.


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