Best deals Black Friday on AirPods.

On 23 November all over the world held a Grand sale Black Friday, in which stores are doing the largest deals of the year. In the last few years in the “Black Friday” attended by the Russian shops, often pleasing really big discounts. In this material are told where to buy AirPods on Black Friday cheaper.

AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones the last two years. In 2018 AirPods appreciated and the Russian fans of Apple technology, despite the fact that the price of headphones for the year only increased due to the fall of the ruble. However, the sale of “Black Friday” to buy AirPods is still possible at the best price.

Black Friday: AirPods — the best price

Start with the lowest prices on AirPods among the reliable stores. More likely the price of AirPods dropped the Tmall marketplace, where Apple sells the official Russian equipment with a full warranty. Tmall sells AirPods for the price of 11 099 rubles. In addition, when you purchase, you can apply various coupons, through which the AirPods price will be even lower.

Almost 5 thousand of orders and rating 4.9

It is important to note that in the Russian market there are many offers on purchase “grey” AirPods that were imported into Russia from other countries. These AirPods can be cheaper to 500-600 rubles, however, the purchase of headphones in these stores is always risky.

In Tmall sold official Apple intended for the Russian market. Delivery of goods from the marketplace takes 1 to 5 days.

Black Friday: AirPods — the best price without delivery

If you don’t want to wait for delivery, then we will look at what shop the most profitable to go out and buy AirPods on sale Black Friday. A decent reduction in the price of AirPods was only one authorized retailer of Apple in Russia — MTS.

MTS sells AirPods for the price of 12 590 rubles. For comparison, in most other official retailers of Apple in Russia the cost of the AirPods is 13 499 rubles to 1 thousand rubles more.

What discounts on the AirPods in the United States?

It is no secret that the greatest discounts “Black Friday” in the US, hence this sale, which is traditionally held the day after thanksgiving. Many will be surprised, but in the US AirPods no giant discounts. On BestBuy AirPods you can buy for the standard $159,99 that on the current exchange rate is 10 491 ruble.


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