Found the best discount on MacBook Black Friday.

The largest sale of 2018 “Black Friday” has begun! The sale fell many Apple devices, including iPhone X, iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone, iPhone XR, AirPods and the Apple Watch. However, the most powerful seen discounts on MacBook, especially on the expensive high-end models of the MacBook Pro. Proposals were reviewed by the leading retailers and gathered the best discounts Black Friday MacBook in this article.

15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 256 GB

The most powerful 15-inch MacBook Pro sample 2018 with an Intel Core i7 of the eighth generation, Retina display, innovative Touch Bar panel, scanner, Touch ID, 16GB RAM and 256 GB SSD has fallen dramatically in price. Regular price of laptop is 194 990 rubles, but on sale it can be purchased with a discount of almost 30 thousand rubles! The model is sold at a price of 165 741 rubles.

15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 512 GB

Similar “Proshka” sample 2018, but with a 512 GB SSD prices dropped even more! 15-inch MacBook Pro at the “maximum speed” can be bought for 188 991 rouble.

13-inch MacBook Air 2017

A much more affordable 13-inch MacBook Air sample 2017 fell to 68 395 rubles when ordering online at authorised Russian retailer Cstore. Ultra-thin laptop features an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. Despite the thin body the laptop is able to work up to 12 hours without recharging.

12-inch MacBook 2017 with Retina display

One of the most notable Apple laptops in recent years. Compact and ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook has a Retina display, noiseless construction without fan, modern keyboard with a butterfly mechanism and a huge Force Touch trackpad, after which all other trekpada begin to seem really retarded. 12-inch MacBook 2017 was sold at a price of 97 795 rubles from the same retailer Cstore.

Unfortunately, the new MacBook Air models in 2018, which was presented just in October, there are no discounts at the moment no. However, among the above models is relatively affordable options, and professional laptops with big discounts.


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