The YouTube user who complained about a sharp decline in performance, the new laptops Apple held another test.

Explorer gadgets Dave Lee confirmed that Apple has managed to fix the problem with the so-called trottling. This is the process by which powerful chip installed in the laptop lowers the overall speed of your computer due to overheating.

MacBook Pro 2018 with Core i9 this security system from burning out worked too actively, because of which the performance of the new laptop falling to the level of last year’s models. Of course, this topic has attracted considerable attention in the network, the bloggers have started to compare MacBook Pro with devices from competitors that do a much better job with the throttle. This is due to the fact that they is a larger cooling system. In this regard, Apple had to apologize.

Now, according to several testers, the problem is fixed. The speed of the device increased significantly. So 2018 MacBook Pro with Core i9 can again be seen as a successful purchase.


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