Apple is planning to add the function of sleep monitoring in the new model of smart hours Apple Watch. The company is already several months testing the design.

If the functionality is successful in the preliminary stages, the Corporation intends to add it to your Apple Watch for 2020, according to the publication Bloomberg referring to specialists familiar with the project. However, before doing this the manufacturer will need to increase the battery life of the smartwatch, which reduces the energy consumption of the device in nighttime.

Apple has long been moving in this direction, in 2017, she bought the company Beddit, which produces devices for monitoring sleep. Now on the Apple site it is possible to buy special touch tape under the brand Beddit.

Earlier reported that Apple has updated the statistics of the mobile operating system iOS. As of February 24, 83% of all “Apple” devices in the last four years, working on iOS 12 or later, and 12% on iOS 11 and 5% on earlier versions.

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