Apple will release an updated Mac mini, designed for professional use. It is reported Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the company’s plans. The computer, which is a small “box”, connect an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, get a new processor and memory options, which will increase the price of the device. For the first time this model was introduced in 2005, it is now worth about $500.

According to the Agency, Apple is preparing for autumn and the presentation of three models of the iPhone and Apple watch, with a larger screen and an updated tablet. In addition, the company plans to release a new version of MacBook Air, three years after its last significant update. According to Bloomberg, laptops, most likely, Apple will show in October, separate from their annual September presentation smartphones.

The updated MacBook Air will appear after Apple reported a decline in quarterly sales of its Mac computers by 13% in July to 3.7 million, the figure turned out to be the lowest since 2010 for the First time Apple introduced the slim and lightweight laptop — MacBook Air Apple — in 2008, Bloomberg notes that the company strives to make affordable model with a screen size of 13 inch and Retina display. According to the plan of the company, one of the main buyers will be the school buys laptops in bulk.

In addition to new Mac models, Apple is preparing to launch MacOS Mojave — a new version of its operating system for Mac computers, which includes new features for sorting files and the possibility of developing apps for the iPad such as Apple News. The company also plans to introduce a new version of the Mac Pro, the most powerful and expensive Mac computers in the next year. Apple spokesman bill Evans declined to comment on the Agency with this information.


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