TASS, April 23. A student from new York filed a lawsuit against Apple for $1 billion because of an error used in its stores of the system of recognition of persons, who mistook him for a wanted criminal. This was reported on Tuesday by Bloomberg.

According to him, 18-year-old Ousmane Bah claims he was arrested at his home in new York in November last year on charges of committing a series of thefts in retail stores Apple. In the warrant for his arrest contained a photograph of the suspect, which, according to Bach, not like him. The student noted that one of the thefts, in which he is accused were committed in Boston in June, the day when he was at my prom in new York.

He added that earlier he lost his learner’s permit. No photos, however, as suggested by the plaintiff, they could be found or stolen by a real thief and used later as the ID in Apple stores. As a result, the facial recognition system used by the company to track suspects in the thefts, could mistake to associate the name of Bach with the face of the attacker.

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