23 July 2018 engineers at Intel have reported the Bluetooth vulnerability that allows hackers to intercept traffic, messages and other data from Apple devices. Employees of corporations have already fixed this problem.

Error encryption for the Bluetooth connection and the Bluetooth LE modules and affect such major hardware vendors, like Apple, Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm and possibly other industry players.

The vulnerability is caused due to the fact that the device is not thoroughly check the settings for encryption and generation of public access keys that occur in accordance with the Diffie-Hellman, while secure Bluetooth connections. This allows the attacker within 30 feet away from your paired gadget, to gain unauthorized access through the network to intercept traffic and send false messages between the affected devices. That, in turn, can lead to the leakage of confidential data.

The staff of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group think that this problem might have a very limited number of users. Since a successful attack, the hacker must be close to the device, wait till it forms a Bluetooth pair with another device and then intercept the key exchange block confirmation and send malicious data packet to the target device over a short period of time.

However, Apple has already released fixes for all of their devices. Users in a timely manner installs software updates, nothing to fear.


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