Members of the British group of consumer protection, called Which? said that Apple overstates the battery life of their devices. To such conclusion members of the organization came after a series of studies.

According to representatives of the group Which?, they tested nine different models of the iPhone. In the process of testing it turned out that the data on autonomy, which indicates Apple is not true. All the test devices worked significantly less than the stated values. In some cases the difference was up to 50%. For example, XR Phone in talk mode worked 16 hours, 32 minutes, although Apple says the device should work up to 25 hours.

Cupertinos have already responded to the message Which?, noting that they thoroughly test all of their devices and ensure that the stated battery life. In addition, representatives of the Apple company noted that the members of the group to protect the rights of consumers didn’t share the testing methodology.

Along with Apple staff Which? also checked the autonomy and other popular mobile devices. In the end, they found out that Samsung, Sony and Nokia somewhat understate the battery life, while HTC and Apple, on the contrary overstate.


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