“Budget” next-generation iPad will retain the Touch ID and headphone Jack
On Friday there were rumors from Asian suppliers that the iPad 7th generation from Apple will have a case design that is identical to the current 9.7-inch iPad with Touch ID authentication, and a headphone Jack.

Citing sources, doing business on Alibaba, Mac Otakara reports that Apple has no plans to update the design of its 9.7-inch “budget” iPad, models produced, taking account of the market of educational services.

At least one provider believes that the 10-inch model already in production, but this specification has not yet been confirmed. The rumors are projections known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who in February said that cheap tablets will come to market with a 10.2-inch screen. Whether Apple intends to increase the size of the case or iPad to squeeze a larger display into the enclosure 9.7-inch version, is still unknown.

As was the case with last year’s update, iPad 2019, as reported, will retain the old technology of Touch ID, apparently in an attempt to reduce the cost of Assembly. Apple introduced authentication technology on the basis of the Face ID in your for an iPad Pro in 2018.

The sources of Mac Otakara reported that the next-generation iPad from Apple will also have a headphone Jack 3.5 mm. headphone Jack — it is a dying port in the ecosystem of mobile products, Apple first removed from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 2016, and recently he has been removed from the iPad Pro in 2018. In today’s report not specified, does Apple rely on Lightning or USB-C for charging and data transfer.

Finally, sources claim that Apple may release the iPad 7th generation, along with the model of “iPad mini 5” which is also rumored to be under development. Release date is not specified, although the recent documents suggesting that the announcement may happen in the coming weeks. Rumors suggest that the forthcoming update from Apple will include only minor updates to the internal components. Kuo in his note to investors last month predicted the same, saying that “budget” iPad, “iPad mini 5” will work on faster processors.

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