Budget SUV Nissan has received the support of smartphones, the Nissan Terrano in the upgraded multimedia system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The introduction of the connectivity features of smartphone operating systems iOS and Android was the only car upgrade, presented in 2019. In all trim levels starting with the level of equipment Elegance Plus, the machine can be combined with the phones and use gadgets at the standard multimedia system.

Stated that technically the integration with smartphones allows you to use online-maps of Apple and Google, get real-time traffic data, listen to music, dictate voice SMS and voice messages received, and at the same time enjoy using Siri and Google Assistant.

To activate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones need to connect via a USB connector cable, and use the gadget using voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel.

Updated Nissan Terrano is from 1 021 000 excluding special offers. A version with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will cost at least 1 116 000.

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