While the cupertinos have not yet fully coped with the bug in FaceTime. However, in the Apple operating systems already showed a different defect. This time the error was found in macOS. According to reports, the new vulnerability exists in the iCloud keychain (iCloud Keychain).

It is noteworthy that the defect in the security system detected an 18-year-old German Linus Henze (Henze Linus). However, he has no plans to share the details with Apple, as cupertinos not pay rewards for finding vulnerabilities in macOS.

The only thing now known is that the vulnerability allows to obtain data from iCloud Keychain without any confirmation from the user.

Apple representatives had no immediate comment on the new vulnerability. However, cupertinos may just not know about it, as Henze has not appealed to the company, and just posted the information shared. It is not excluded that in the near future Apple will release a minor update macOS, which will fix a bug in the iCloud keychain.


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