The Millennials own example proves that nothing is impossible, and many young people today want to engage in private business by their rules, not to build a career in someone else’s company. When we announced a new stream of our grant programs for entrepreneurs under the age of 25 years, it turned out that in Russia, thousands of volunteers — and some of them have to combine their studies with the development of their own business.

We asked ten young businessmen who combine study and work, to share their experience: if they have enough time and energy whether there are any difficulties and how training can help the entrepreneur. Here are their stories.

Roland, 24 years old, Ufa, UGNTU student (production Technology of vegetable raw materials)

Business recording Studio “Glassbook”

A degree Roland pastry chef, he worked his way from a cook to the position of sous-chef. However, its current business has nothing to do with the sphere of public catering: for six months the young man owns his own recording Studio in Ufa. An unconventional choice due to the fact that Roland grew up in a creative family and have always had a attraction to music, and even spent three years a sound technician. Although the business idea came to him itself: the guy looking through the various options, see the appropriate format and contacted the representative of a network recording. Then signed a contract of partnership, opened IE and started to work for themselves. Despite the fact that Roland has just started to develop their own business, the business already generates income.

Education helped Roland understand that you need to do not only what you like, but also what is necessary to achieve its goals. For example, to close the session without debt and get a degree, even when not all items are easy. Or submit reports to the tax, even if you do not particularly want to do.

If at some point fail to combine study and my work, I will choose business. Because business is a way in which to find yourself, is the support, which is a start. A study at the University is only one of the tools to obtain certain skills, experience and a treasured crust. And better the crust will be for me my business.”

Zoe, 23 years old, Tomsk, student of TPU (automation of technological processes and production in oil and gas industry)

The business center of entertaining science “mindset”

Zoe is a very unusual profession for a girl: she would learn how to program and maintain the various sensors and equipment in oil and gas fields. When the girl tried to work, she was quite comfortable, but much joy brought. Zoe now runs an educational centre where children with 1 on 11 class studying technical subjects, and teachers help them to prepare for exams, competitions, conferences and admission to the University. Zoe sees this business great potential and intends to continue to develop it.

The days when higher education was an essential sign of success has already been passed: there is no need to enroll and graduate from College, to be successful in life. But I believe that education is still an important point characterizing a person. In my view, getting higher education, one has to learn important skills that will help to achieve your goals, to find approach to different people and negotiate with them, be creative, make decisions, analyze the work done and much more. To develop all these skills independently, without assistance, it is not always possible — but in the end such a person will be capable of more than just to work”.

Dmitry, 21 years old, Saint-Petersburg, student of St. Petersburg state University (International relations)

Business on-site repair services Apple Toy Phone

Dmitry unusual story: most of his life he lived in Canada and moved to Russia recently. Business activities the guy started with the sale of accessories for mobile phones but later realized that repair of equipment is more profitable niche. At the start of the business Dmitry picked up a screwdriver, and now, when the volume of orders exceeds his ability, engaged in the repair staff of the master.

To combine business with learning a young man hard: often he wakes up at 7 am and ends only learn to 12 nights, while during the day, permanently you need to solve some business issues. However, according to Dmitry, the school helps him in business. For example, recently managed to agree with the teacher — owner organizations to provide services on preferential terms of the lease and the opening of its own stationary point the phone at the Mall. In addition, he believes that learning promotes critical thinking and more rational decision-making, as it is directly necessary in the business.

I like more in Russia than in Canada. There are much more opportunities to grow your business because the competition is weaker. Higher education in business helps, although I believe that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, it is not required, and a knowledge of the theory is clearly not enough.”

Ruzana, 23, Samara, student SGSPA (Psychology)

Business private kindergarten Baby Day
Ruzany two young sons, and she manages to combine motherhood with part-time training and own business — private nursery. The idea to open it came to her shortly after the birth of their first child. When the baby is 5 months old, Rusanu invited to work — and then she realized that she needed a place where parents can leave the child and not worry about it. My second specialty is psychology — ruzana was chosen not by accident: according to the girl, she really helps her in developing their own business.

To resolve issues of child care institution being pregnant with a small baby in her arms, it was not easy, and it greatly affects my morale. But I knew that if I will not work and will stop the whole process, no development will be. In any case, in order to achieve something, you need a good sweat.”

Alexander, 19 years old Saint-Petersburg, student of the higher school of Economics (logistics and supply chain management)

A business travel Agency Tourevour

Alexander organizes unique individual journeys, his team is routes both within Russia and abroad.

Sasha himself at a young age most guy trips planned and booked himself, thereby facilitating the task of parents, gaining knowledge and experience for the present case. The young man quite easily manages to combine business and study, because all the work happens online and always enough to bring a laptop. And on boring pairs, according to him, it is always possible to perform tasks from your to-do list.

I have always loved to travel, I have more than 20 countries. And I’m sure to succeed only by what they enjoy. That’s why I help to make people ideal for their journey and get pleasure from traveling. If I put before a choice — business or education — I would choose business.”

Victoria, 23 years old, Chita, student Sabhu (Jurisprudence, criminal law)

Business — pizzeria Mama Mia
In 15 years, Victoria came into the field of catering, has passed all stages — from the waiter to the administrator, and already at the age of 23 he opened his own pizzeria. She now is studying law, and difficulties in combining business with their studies there: in her words, helps the inner core, which makes every day work wear.

If I had to choose between business and education, I would chose the former, because business is the development and push up and you can learn always. But, of course, education is important and necessary: knowledge to lead your mind right and learning good disciplinarum”.

Nikita, 23 years old, Kaluga, the student online University GeekBrains (Web development)

The business chain of coffee shops and coffee bars Coffee Hub
Your coffee business Nikita started at 18, now its open for 5 points. The young man graduated from College majoring in “technician computer”, is now studying online for a web developer. As told to Nikita, the idea to open her own coffee shop came to him in 2014, when “the city was not a normal coffee”. But to dwell on an already made guy is not going to be planning new startups. Nikita argues that education helps him to look at many things from another angle.

Business is study. Just for practice”.

Nicholas, 20 years, Saint-Petersburg, student of the higher school of Economics (logistics and supply chain management)

Business — school programming for children “Algorithmics”

Nicholas calls his activities a “social entrepreneurship”. It is always understood that programming is the future, and that is what kids are taught in his school. Nick thinks about the benefits that it can offer children, so offline organizes courses in small towns: these towns do not have many opportunities to educational material of high quality.

Now the young man was easily able to combine their job with studies, and additional pumping of soft and hard skills in the classroom only contributes to business success.

If I had to choose education or business, I would definitely choose to study. Love to learn, so at the moment for me it is more important”.

Arenas, 22, Saint-Petersburg, student, graduate school of management St. Petersburg state University (Information management)

Business tea Tea Silent
Arenas had considered many different options for businesses, from the hookah to the dentist’s office. But opted for tea in Russia not everyone is familiar with the features of tea culture, this niche is not completely filled, it was time to enter the market.

The young man is convinced that higher education helps to cultivate the self-discipline to prioritize and improve communication skills. In addition, at the University, according to arena, you can make plenty of useful contacts, to find like-minded people. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow: maybe now someone sitting in the same classrooms with the future bill gates or Warren Buffett.

The most important thing for me is independence, so in the first place, my business. Favorite thing helps me understand who I am. I have now a huge flow of ideas and thoughts that I want to implement in the future. And every day I think about what you can improve or change in business and in himself.”

Vladislav, 22 years old, Yaroslavl, student, AGPU (Management and human resources management)

The business cleaning company “clean the Area”

Before founding his own business, Vladislav worked as a Manager in a different cleaning service and when to gain experience in this field, decided to try his hand as an entrepreneur.

According to him, almost every day he was faced with the choice between study and business, for example, to go to a couple or to go to the customer. But so far, despite being very busy, Vladislav was able to successfully maneuver between them.

Between education and business, I would choose business. Cleaning is not just a buy-sell, we need to know the technology (and watch out for), chemistry, have experience, be able to rebuild. I spent a lot of effort, nerves, personal experiences, ambitions. And only with the help of the business I will be able to realize these ambitions, the study does not work here”.

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