California Apple Store again stole equipment on $20 thousand Apple Stores like a magnet attracts robbers and fraudsters. The fact of the high liquidity of the devices. Even in consequence of a locked iPhone, you can push on the aftermarket, what can we say about the MacBook.

Last week went to is located in Fresno (CA) Apple Store. This is the second time this summer — last time they stole a bunch of MacBook.

Right during the middle of the trading day in the shop broke two of the black robbers and within seconds managed to steal:

— 20 iPhone

— 1 iPad mini

several MacBook Pro
According to representatives of shop, the cost of the stolen is estimated in $20 thousand

Nice for law enforcement is that both the attacker hit the lens cameras.

One of the guys in the photo (the robbers both, but rumor has it that there were actually four of them) would fit perfectly in one of the commercials Apple: “Take my Mac! — No, I’ve got a bunch of iPhones and I want them to sell.”

State police searching for attackers hoping to return the stolen devices.


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