Many users were very pleased that Apple has added to iPadOS support of external manipulators. Today, however, cupertinos said that they never conceived of this possibility as a mass. For this reason, they are not focused her attention in the framework of the WWDC 2019.

According to representatives of Apple, working hard to properly “make friends” external manipulators with mobile operating system took several years. While initially the company planned that this feature will only be available to those people who find it difficult to use the usual (touch) control method.

The official Apple position is that it does not consider the new possibility of interaction with mobile device innovation. Cupertinos soon include support for external manipulators to special features like VoiceOver, “Magnifier” or AssistiveTouch.

Ordinary users are not too important how exactly Apple has planned a new feature. Many iPad owners are very pleased with the appearance of support of external manipulators. According to users, this option makes using the tablet in some scenarios significantly more convenient.


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