Almost no one cares about the thickness of the iPhone.

Leading producers are literally obsessed with the intricacies of the buildings of its smartphones. And Apple here is not the exception but the motor trend. But do people want thin phones or consumers are willing to use a thicker device, but with a larger battery and no protruding camera? Apple fans have answered this question unanimously.

Large-scale survey of iPhone users showed that few people want smartphones were slim. Users have stated that they would like to have a thicker iPhone that works longer without charging and its camera is not protruded from the housing.

The survey involved more than 10 thousand iPhone owners. Over 86% of them admitted that they would gladly have sacrificed the thickness of the body in favor of a battery with increased capacity. Only 6% of respondents stated that they are satisfied the iPhone and Apple should continue to stay thin.

Note that in the last month, indeed there were rumors about plans of Apple to make the iPhone a little thicker. In 2019, the company is preparing a major update to the iPhone. At the request of the insiders, one of the major chip new flagships will be increased battery life.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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