Sensible offer! Whether Apple will listen?

July 25 research firm Kantar has published statistics of world sales of smartphones. Apple with its iPhone were the leaders of the rating, having distinguished himself particularly strong in the United States, China and Japan. According to analysts, the successful sales of the iPhone linked to the fact that now Apple is smartphones from different price categories. In particular, along with the terribly expensive iPhone X sells more than affordable iPhone SE.

But if Apple is already planning to release a smartphone that will be a worthy replacement iPhone SE in the budget price category? In the past few months rumors about iPhone SE 2 ceased to appear that analysts described as a “troubling sign”.

Experts believe that Apple should release iPhone SE 2 in order to replace successfully sold now in all countries iPhone SE. The smartphone is really popular everywhere due to its price and its size.

In Russia iPhone SE does like. For nearly a year SE the iPhone remained the top selling smartphone from the Russians. In may 2018, he dropped to third place, having conceded leadership to more modern models from Huawei and Samsung.

So why is Apple not continue to sell small, affordable smartphones, not paying market competitors? Analysts believe that there is no absolutely no reason. It is possible that at the September Apple presentation we are waiting for a big surprise.

Source:, Kantar.


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