The developers overdid it.

In the App Store released an updated app Telegram with an index of 5.0. The new version of Telegram consumes much less battery and is much faster. However, as noted by many users, the app often crashes.

Update Telegram 5.0 is special. The developers rewrote the app in the programming language Apple Swift. Due to this, they were able to facilitate the application to make it faster and reduce the consumption of battery power of the iPhone.

The first users of the updated app Telegram praised the efforts of developers. The feedback Telegram is really noticeably faster, slower battery.

However, at the moment the updates Telegram 5.0 more negative reviews. A new version of the app often crashes, and many users, regardless of iPhone model. The Telegram developers have officially declared that already know about the incident of the issue and will soon release a new stable build of the application.


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