My friend complains that her three year old baby needs attention and does not give anything to do. Save babysitter and cartoons, but then it is impossible to tear them. She is looking forward to the beginning of December to get Mishka Ai from the first batch on pre-order. This is a soft toy bear for kids 3 to 6 years, with an integrated chip and a cloud platform. The startup was included in the portfolio of the new York Foundation Starta Accelerator, which according Сrunchbase invested $130 thousand. The developers promise that the toy will help with education and free time: will be able to tell a bedtime story, call to dinner, to help learn letters and play with numbers.

About this situation, and described in 1995 Neal Stephenson in his book “Diamond age, or ABC for noble maidens”. The writer embedded in an ironic dystopia the history of the education of man a gadget, and practically from scratch. In the hands of his heroine, Nell girl from a poor and dysfunctional family, was a unique interactive book “a Primer for noble maidens,” by which her fate has changed. The gadget was intended for the granddaughter of the Lord, but the inventor made an illegal copy for his daughter, and then was robbed by a teenage gang, which ran the same brother Nell. In the futuristic Saga Stevenson knowledge and good education became a privilege, and Tutors and teachers had replaced artificial intelligence (AI).

Since the release of the book has passed more than 20 years and such ideas do not seem too fantastic. 1 November, “Yandex” has launched a new service. “Platform Yandex. Textbook” for teachers and pupils of 2-4 classes, it has collected more than 5000 jobs in mathematics and Russian language. Children are offered the job online, teachers will be able to follow the results in real time. The service can be used for self-study: you need to register as a teacher and add a child to “your class”. The system will verify the job and bring them into the journal so that the teacher can concentrate on the studies.

Children do not confuse fantasy with reality, just sometimes prefer to live in an imaginary world suggested by psychologists Paul Harris and Marjory Taylor. That is, it is unlikely that the child will Mishka Ai for a creature that completely submenu a nanny or especially parents. On the other hand, unlike Arrle gadgets that Steve jobs wouldn’t let me use their children for too long in this fluffy toy is attractive for the baby tactility. Harvard Professor Steven Pinker said that the mind as brain function was developed just to work with physical objects. No wonder the connected toys industry is growing at 30% per year. Courses “Yandex” it can be comparable with the lack of personal attention to the students that the teacher has to get pretty generic. When in a class of 30 children, given it can afford, as a rule, simply can not.

Mooc (massive online courses) — perhaps the most striking example of the successful implementation of technology solutions in education. International project Coursera has partnered with 160 universities worldwide, 31 million registered users can choose from 2600 236 courses and specializations. Educational platform the same Google also abounds in various courses addressed to students.

If States are considered the most Mature and largest EdTech market with a share of online about 3% in 2016, while in Russia it is estimated approximately 1%, according to a joint study of FRII, the HSE and “Netology-group”. But online education is growing here faster (17-25% per year) than in Mature markets (4-11%). By 2021, experts predict that the market will reach 2 trillion roubles with the share of online 2.6 percent (53 billion), says a joint study of FRII, the HSE and “Netology-group”.

According EdTechmagazine, the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the educational sector of the USA can grow mainly through educational games using artificial intelligence (AI). Positive forecasts of researchers in Russia explicitly take into account started two years ago the project “Digital educational environment”. We are talking mostly about electronic books and journals, as well as the establishment of infrastructure that will lead to the renewal of schools and help teachers. The project is included in the portfolio priority for the governments of Russia and for the period up to 2025. By this time conceived to create a system of professional development of teachers and evaluating the quality of online courses.

In fact, AI has not yet become mainstream, but most future-oriented institutions are pondering the possibility of its use, and the a lot of reasons. Machine learning (machine learning) in the sector Ai is designed so that can directly interact with students without interference from man. Such technology is applicable in teaching a range of subjects, such as mathematics, languages, physics, law and medicine. It is precisely in these disciplines and the most sought-after Tutors for additional schooling. Artificial intelligence conveniently adapted to the individual needs of the user, including both academic and professional knowledge. You can also take into account the personal rhythm of life of students. On the other hand, when hiring, employers still refer to the diplomas of face-to-face education better than distance or evening. Moreover, variations on the theme of on-line courses are still being formed. The education industry is generally quite conservative, but then what?

“Television did not supplant radio, e-book and paper”, says the CEO of Active Learning Alexey Korovin, previously CEO of OTP Bank and Board member of Alfa Bank. That “the introduction of AI in education is still in an experimental phase,” although the development of technologies is already clear. “First of all, we are talking about what right people have to work in the right place, training must be tied to the life situation of the learner, his interests and abilities. Therefore, the profession of the tutor will long remain in demand. But those Tutors who want differentiation, will have to learn to translate some of their knowledge “in the figure,” — said Korovin. As an example, he cites the enterprise platform mobile learning Skill Cup to your company, which unexpectedly turned out to be very popular among business coaches — they’ve learned quickly and easily create content on it and sell it on the market. Active Learning teaches adults, and clients include large corporations such as the savings Bank, VTB, Rosatom, Severstal, etc. is used For training gamification in non-game environments that allows you to increase employee productivity by 30-40%.

Mark Pawlikowski, founder and CEO of Piper from San Francisco, believes that the true purpose of industry is to “learn how to partially represent the learning process of using automated methods for the standardization of this process.” Teachers will always need to interact with the students, but the actual transmission of information and evaluation of how well it was understood, can and should be done using technology. Today, the opportunity to learn from the best teachers due to the money. As part of an automated process can make learning more democratic, allowing everyone to fully develop their potential, says the graduate of Princeton and Oxford Pawlikowski. Participant rating of the 30 most promising entrepreneurs under 30 years American Forbes knows what he’s talking about. For effective learning important measurement skills and achievements, and the option embedded in Piper. Under the production of computers-designers with Minecraft for children 8-14 years, Piper has raised $11 million investment and has allowed its founder to get into the Forbes. One of the first project was supported by Steve Wozniak — co-founder of Apple.

British physicist Stephen Hawking believed that endowed with artificial intelligence (AI) machines will soon be a “new life form” and in General completely replace people. According to the scientist, if people create computer viruses, the day is near when someone will develop artificial intelligence, “which amplifies and reproduces itself”. It will be a “new form of life that will surpass men.”

However, if this happens, it is unlikely such an AI would be interested to engage people. Yet, as noted by the psychologist of California, Berkeley, Alison Gopnik, the most highly prestigious training system trying to do approximately the same thing nitroprusside infants and preschoolers. Is the children the best learning machines in the Universe. But it’s always remained something of a riddle, Hummingbird. You know what they are doing, but it is still not clear. AI plays better chess, but in fact this is a helper function. For a quality education is extremely important personalization, communication, and empathy. Robots, endowed with machine empathy, until they come up with. So, you must have at least a combination of artificial intelligence and people. Therefore, although the cost of maintaining AI can be lower than for teachers to push learning process on gadgets completely still for a long time will not work.

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