Caution! If you received a message from Apple, open, silkou Scam has a new trick, which many users may lose data from Apple ID.

Zloumyshlennika calling from the Apple, even the official indicates the number of technical support the company. And since you said “robot”.

He informs you that your stolen iPhone was found. Now you will receive a link where you can see the last location of the smartphone.

Do not open the link!

How is this possible

It looks as follows. Here he displayed the challenge:

Then you receive an SMS message with the following content:

Scammers use programs/services to spoof real phone numbers to any other. In the end, the victim does not see their number, and the one for which they paid money.

Often these programs can automate the voice. Therefore, many may think it over this phone robot.

In the header of the message indicates that the sender That is allegedly the official Apple website.

In fact, a TEXT link is displayed on the It’s fake, who want to use to steal your Apple ID. By clicking the link, you will need to enter the account information, and then that will be the case for small: to enter the information on the stolen gadget.

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