This year in Russia can appear the virtual SIM card. The Ministry of communications is developing amendments for the introduction of technology eSIM. But the lack of the usual SIM cards can not only simplify life, but also provoke a wave of thefts of user data. The pros and cons of new technologies understand the “360”.

The Ministry of communications is developing a regulatory framework for the implementation of technology embedded SIM card (eSIM) in Russia. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the paper prepared by the Department. The Ministry expects that the use of integrated in mobile device SIM cards would not require any legislative changes, so the transition will not take much time. According to the Deputy Minister for digital development, communications and mass media Oleg Ivanov, the legal basis for eSIM will be ready by the end of 2019. Want a gadget with this technology earned on the territory of Russia, a Declaration of conformity of requirements of the Russian smartphone use means of communication, said the official.

The eSIM is a technology integrated into the brains of the device chip, allowing to call and use the Internet without the usual SIM card. The principle of operation of the chip allows to change the mobile operator or the tariff on the level of the software. To connect to the network just scan the QR-code, the subscriber can change the operator without going to the salon and purchase a new SIM card, explain the respondents “360” experts.

According to General Director of information-analytical Agency “TelecomDaily” Denis Kuskov, these embedded chips present in the new iPhone models, Google Nexus, tablets, and smart watches by Samsung and Apple. “New technology in the first place can get the subscriber an additional SIM-card in electronic form. Even the new versions of the iPhone, which is traditionally sharpened at one SIM-card there is a slot for the chip, allowing the use of two rooms on the gadget”, — explained the interlocutor of “360”. Last year, Apple introduced a new model of the iPhone XS, which supports two SIM-cards — built-in and conventional.

The idea eSIM looks comfortable and modern, the only problem is in the regulations, the expert adds. “Now, SIM card in Russia officially can only be purchased upon presentation of a passport, so how will you configure the mechanism in the case of eSIM is not clear. If the authorities manage to develop a package of amendments regulating this sphere, the transition to e-SIM card will not take more than 3-4 months,” predicts Denis Kuskov.

Another problem is the inability to physically get a virtual SIM card from the gadget, said a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. “This scheme allows manufacturers of devices actually sold to operators of “place” in their smartphones. So, Apple want to use the eSim as additional income by charging money from operators”, — said the interlocutor of “360”.

Change market model

Photo source: RIA “Novosti”

In 2018, the operators sold the Russians about 100 million SIM-cards, each of which cost about dollar, calculated respondents “360” market participants. ESim technology will remove the dealer segment, which could bring additional losses to the operators. “By the chip user on the Network may upload to the gadget virtual card of any operator, to select the rate and start to use it. This immediately eliminates a huge market of sales of SIM cards and increases competition between operators for customers”, — said Eldar Murtazin.

Russian operators are still leery of a new form of interaction with your subscribers. In Tele2 “360” told that the operator is considering the introduction of technology eSIM. According to the representative of the company, and Tele2, the company evaluates the market situation and development vendors to offer customers the best quality and most high-tech solution.

VimpelCom is preparing to test the system and study the legal and organizational aspects of its implementation. “The introduction of the eSIM does not by itself expensive, but require changes of many processes. Implementation of eSIM will increase the importance of online sales channels, and we see their development as one of the main focuses of the strategy of distribution”, — told the “360” in the organization.

However, representatives of cellular communication agree that the commercial introduction of new technology are not yet available. For example, in “MegaFon” believes that the new service could trigger a wave of theft of user data. “We foresee significant growth in the number and intensity of hacker attacks, including in the form of the substitution operator profile during the boot process with the subsequent shutdown of the device or theft of the user profile eSIM and subsequent cloning on other devices,” — said the representative of the press service of the company OJSC “MegaFon”, stressing that the operator is considering the possible use of technology eSIM and its global application experience.

Meanwhile, in December last year in Europe already earned eSim, however, the service is offered to only the owners of smartphones Apple. So, to test the operation of the electronic SIM card in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and the UK. In addition, this summer the service will be available in Spain. “The technology will allow in the future to completely abandon roaming charges abroad. Subscribers will be able to seamless switch to a local operator, choose a pleasing rate and to save money to travel”, — said Eldar Murtazin.

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