Very clearly.

Smartphones are getting more expensive every year. And it’s not just about the iPhone, as many believe. Devices from Samsung, LG and even Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi are rapidly becoming more expensive. Bloomberg made a visual graph showing how the price of flagship smartphones has changed since 2011.

On the chart shows how varied the price of flagship smartphones from leading manufacturers since 2011. In 2011 came the iPhone 4s whose price starts from $649. The newest at that time Samsung Galaxy Note the first generation was even more expensive — $700.

Until 2014, the smartphone manufacturers did not increase prices, this goes for Apple and Samsung. All the new models out at the prices of older devices. But in 2015, things started to change for the worse for the consumers side. Apple and Samsung as the team increased prices for their new smartphones. Apple decently expensive iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. It is noteworthy that the producers seemed to have checked the demand for such expensive smartphones like iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 came out at the same price.

The real explosion in prices has occurred over the past two years. Apple first lifted the bar to $999, releasing the “anniversary” of the iPhone X, and then pulled up, and Samsung. In 2019, the same year happened and did a two-fold increase in the prices of flagship smartphones. This is a unique foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, which are valued at $1980 and $2600 respectively. Of course, these models are experimental, but analysts expect that they will be popular among consumers.

Previously, Apple admitted that the high price of the iPhone is the problem and the company intends to solve it. Such a statement Apple made amid criticism of consumers. Interestingly, other manufacturers for the great prices on smartphones are not abused. Although as the graph clearly shows that Apple’s competitors like to raise prices, no less.

Source: Bloomberg.


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