The verdict passed by the court of average instance of the city of Fuzhou. And everything was clean — the Chinese government just upheld the claim of the American it company Qualcomm, which produces including chips for Apple’s smartphone. A dispute between two subjects stretches from the beginning of 2017 and before the courts in many countries. It should be noted that Qualcomm works closely with a number of leading Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus. While Apple is a direct competitor to Huawei. According to the decision of Chinese lawyers, four subsidiaries of Apple working in China, should immediately stop the sale of the above iPhone models.

Apple, whose securities after the decision of the Chinese court, fell 1.9 percent, of course, appealed. But when it will be reviewed to decide becomes policy. It seems that the case goes to the Supreme court of the PRC. A blow to Apple in General was well-calculated — sales of its new models in recent times are constantly falling, and the future of the company now, experts say, rather vague.

English-language Chinese government publication Global Times quoted a Fan Xingdong, founder of the Beijing center analysts in technology ChinaLabs. “The Huawei — concern of the American high-tech companies, who may be victims of the strong countermeasures taken by China,” said Fan. The expert also added that American it companies market in China much more than the Chinese in the United States.

While China continues to insist that it is the most important settlement of the trade conflict with the United States. Thus, the press-Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce of China Gao Feng said that Beijing does not link the arrest of the man Wanzhou trade war, and stressed that this will not affect the negotiations the two countries, which started just at the recent G20 summit in Argentina.

Thus, the Chinese message is clear — the pursuit of peace and mutual cooperation, not mutual aggression, which is at variance with the traditional policy of the PRC.

The US also remain, as they say, even. The main goal of Washington is not even to equalize the balance of trade with China that exports and imports were about the same, and to hit hard on the fast-growing high-tech sector of China and thereby to curb the ambition of the competitor in the face of Beijing. That is why the US presidential Advisor on national security John Bolton stated that the actions of Huawei and other technology giants in China will be the main theme in the ensuing trade negotiations between representatives of the two countries.

Trying to guess how events will unfold further, experts remind about the sluggish scandal posted on the American securities market of Chinese business giants, such as Alibaba and Baidu, which lasts for over ten years.

On 7 December a new report on this subject, showing that in the audit of 224 companies from China, registered on the American stock exchange, there is almost no progress. Meanwhile, the aggregate value of their securities is $ 1.8 trillion. This opacity gives the chance to the American side to demand from Chinese businessmen more open, and if they do not agree, then to impose on them restrictions.

As told “RG” the chief researcher, IMEMO ran Alexander LOMANOV, the arrest of the man Wanzhou from Huawei, followed soon after the talks the leaders of China and the United States in Argentina, convinced the Chinese expert community that the real purpose of America is not trade concessions on the part of Beijing.

“The transition from sort of the beginning of the armistice, when the US President Donald trump said that he would not raise tariffs on Chinese exports to the arrest of the daughter of the head of Huawei, which, in fact, taken hostage, showed that the main goal of Washington is not to give Beijing to be among the technological leaders — said LOMANOV. — China was willing to make concessions in the trade war and to expand the access of American goods in their market. Among the supplied products could include liquefied natural gas, shale oil, agricultural products, automobiles, and consumer goods.

So trump would increase the volume of annual deliveries to China to 70-80 billion dollars, which significantly reduces the gap in the trade balance. But now China is convinced that any purchases will not help.” According to experts, China will remain in stock a variety of ways to respond to Trump. If the relationship will worsen, Beijing could always find an American company that, for example, supplying weapons or dual-use technologies to Taiwan, and the arrest of the head of this company, because in the Chinese view Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.

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